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  1. Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    So the autopots arrived and I finally whittled the three plants down to two. We're left with the ZE and the HBSS that is 13 days old. HBSS is looking really lovely. Shes a little on the yellow side, so im slowly increasing their feed. Right now im at 2.5G/Gal and im aiming to be at 3G/gal by the...
  2. Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Day 15)

    Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Day 15)

    Things are going..smoothly? I dont know. ZE is starting to look really funky in the leaves and is growing all kinds of fucked up. Does anyone know if its overwatering? all three plants have fairly light leaves, so i think i need to increase the amount of Megacrop im feeding. Right now im at 1.5G...
  3. johnp540

    Indoor First official journal hubbabubbasmellascope and critical+ cbd auto

    Hey folks starting my first official journal here with 2 hubbabubbasmellascope and 1 critical+ cbd auto. The hbss will be grown with Nectar for the Gods and another with fox farm trio. The critical+ I will use one or the other, undecided for now. I'm using promix seedling mix with mycos, I've...
  4. MediJane

    Mephisto Genetics MediJane's Getting HubbaBubba (again) ;)

    Mephisto Run #2 I couldn’t stand it and had to run a couple of HBSS’s again. They are just so easy to grow, great yielders, and so pleasant to consume! The Set-up Tent = 2X4X5 5 gal equivalent Air Pots. This is my first time using these. @Margahooja had great results so I upped my size...
  5. Tetra9

    Mephisto Genetics White and Bubbly Smoke & Grow Report

    Provider : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Walter White x Hubbabubbasmelloscope Name: White and Bubbly Did it autoflower?: YES Soil/hydro: SOIL 4 Gallons Description: (Organic Harvest from LOWES) organic potting soil with trace amounts of base line nutes Nutes: SkunkwerksRX from start to finish...
  6. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs HubbaBubbaSmelloScope in Bloom.

    I had decided just to run this girl on another forum but she looks so damn good you lot need to see her. She is on day 30 now so coming into bloom,I should be able to coax another 10-20cm growth out of her so she will be and impressive Auto. She is under the 180w hybrid now so has all the light...