1. Weeks 9 and 10 in the Aerogardens

    Weeks 9 and 10 in the Aerogardens

    Budding is well underway but I was hoping they'd stop stretching by now! :holymoly: I figure I have a minimum of 3 weeks left on Sadie (in the Bounty) and 4 weeks in Freida (in the Farm) so I just hooked up a couple of extra external grow lights. They are all 100w LED bulbs. Two of them are...
  2. Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    Weeks 8 and 9 in the Aerogardens

    The bud development on both my girls has been really good this last week. Sadie is on week 9 and Freida is on week 8. I'm following the nutrient schedule as outlined in aeroweed.info. This week was the first week I didn't add Micro Flora Grow to Sadie's water so I'm looking forward to some...
  3. FlickOfTheWrist

    Grow Mediums First time hydroponics - green root?

    Hey guys, I've been a lurker on the forum for quite some time and I finally decided to make an account. I have grown 2 successful plants using soil and I wanted to give hydroponics a shot. Things have been going very well except today, I noticed that one of my plants has a single green root...
  4. sacred-buddha

    Yellowing leaves after N supplentation

    Hello! This is my very first grow and I'm facing issues with the yellowing leaves after the plant started to bloom on autoflower. About 2 weeks after the buds forming, I noticed that the fan leaves started to turn yellow and fall off naturally. I thought it might be Nitrogen deficiency so I...
  5. J

    Indoor HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  6. Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder

    Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder

    So i figured I'm in week 4 and they haven't died yet so I'll start a grow journal. This is my first time growing. I've done a bit of research and reading and built my own RDWC based off of the Slucket system with Halo's and bubbles. I decided to do two systems, two pods each with controllers...
  7. P

    Feeding schedule for autoflower DWC??

    New Grower wondering the best nutrient schedule for a autoflower in dwc. I’ve heard to use 4th the recommended nutrients in nutrient schedules like General Hydroponics’s schedules. Any General Hydroponics or feeding schedule specially for autoflowers in hydroponics such as DWC. Thanks so much !
  8. F | T |F Growery

    F | T |F Growery

    Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus. Welcome to the Growery. My personal blog space where I grow and show. I like quality, I'm slightly a perfectionist, and OCD to some degree. Product testing, general runs of my favorite cultivars, maybe some preservationism, and a bunch of pictures. Love for...
  9. baked in the bluegrass

    New Grower Baked in a bucket??

    Heya afn peeps, we are at it again this morning. Ive done gone and did a thing.... I have decided to get my feet wet(hehe) and try out a lil hydro grow. This will be that first boring deets post, then itll be off to the races(i hope). Lights or outdoor: Lights- a combo of 150w qbs and 65w...
  10. Carter Cultivation

    Grow Mediums Ebb and flow to a Continuous Flow NFT/DWC

    Alright gang. So I am finishing up my first successful grow (2nd effort) and I am beginning to look at all the pros and cons of my current setup and look at ways to improve. With brainstorming and tinkering I have came up with a rather good idea in my mind at least lol. But before I show it to...
  11. Greenleaf Nutrients

    Adding in EDTA chelate micro nutrients to MEGA CROP?

    hi all! wanted to run a poll. We are considering adding in EDTA chelated micro nutrients into Mega Crop. Micro nutrients are the smaller things like iron, copper, magnanese, zinc that plants use, but in low amounts Currently we are using Amino Acid chelated micro nutrients, and they have a...
  12. Tyler_Durden88

    Grow Mediums Exsperienced Rockwool Growers?

    I'm looking for for tips and guidance on using rockwool. I've always used hydroton or coco coir with my hydro grows but I'm liking what I see from grodan cubes. But there is very little info for using them with autoflowers. Does any had alot of exsperience with rockwool. I'll be using a top feed...
  13. Carter Cultivation

    Nutrients Humboldt's Secret?

    Good evening growers. I am looking for any type of feed back...be it negative, positive, or neutral on this brand. Even better if you have ever used it, extra credit if you used it in hydroponics. Does it have good yeilds? How does it treat PH? Right now I use Cannas line and it is...
  14. icanelectoo

    Grow Room PC Case Micro ScrOG - LED Based Nano Stealth Grow!

    Hi AFN! I call this a nano grow because it's almost definitely going to go terribly wrong - but maybe it won't. So here we go. I built a growing environment inside a mini ATX computer case. Even as far as computer cases go, it's pretty tiny. For the project, I built my own LED board with CREE...
  15. icanelectoo

    Live Stoners Hi AFN! I'm here to grow in tight spaces

    Hi everyone! I've been working on an autonomous growing controller for some time now, and with the legalization of cannabis coming into full force here in Canada with only a month left in the countdown, I've decided to start my first micro-grow in a computer case!. I'll be updating on the...
  16. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Zambeza Blue Brilliant Photoperiod Grow

    Here we grow again. Zambeza Blue Brilliant Photoperiod seeds, House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of ~ 930 watts in a 4' x 6' x 8' space. I use an...
  17. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Heavyweight Monster Profit Photoperiod Grow

    Here we grow again. Heavyweight Monster Profit Photoperiod seeds, House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of ~ 930 watts in a 4' x 6' x 8' space. I use an...
  18. Rev. Green Genes

    Indoor DIY humidifier

    I have noticed a lot of folks having humidity trouble this winter. I am too. I decided to build a multi use system that could be used as a room scale humidifier, a propagation humidity tent, fogponics reservoir, or as a source of fog for a mushroom fruiting chamber. All of these things are now...
  19. PoppyLon56

    Live Stoners Hey Y'all. Poppylon56 and I'm a newbe

    Hello everyone I hope your day is going the way you want it. I am Retired from the US Army 22yrs. Sgt Maj. I served with the 101st airborne in vietnam 1972 - 1974. on my return I spent 8 yrs with the 101st. I served with the 82nd airborne for 10yrs and was was on many missions with the 82nd, and...
  20. Senseimillan

    Zeolite(s) and Their Usefulness to Gardeners

    I've been doing some research and thought I'd just organize and post the information for everyone in the event more people than I are interested in the mineral group known as zeolite. TABLE 1