1. TheMongol

    Indoor Budzilla outdoors/indoors

    Cheers Heavyweight Seeds!:pass: I'm growing this strain first outdoors in a corn field and later that year or next ones indoors, she's now 2 months old and transplanted to her final 56 liter root pouch grow bag in the Supersoil Florganics. A little bit reduced in growth, i think because a ant...
  2. iWumbo

    Indoor durrty dragon 1 gallon torture test

    hello afn peoples I'm planning a torture test for the duurty dragons I want to see how resilient they are I plan on messing with light cycles and giving hefty amounts of cheap veg+bloom nutrients to see feed tolerances and any tendices to hermie should come thru if that light cycles mess up a...
  3. 4tokin

    Indoor 4t's 4sq ft

    Hi Everyone. Welcome to my first grow thread. I have been growing for a long time but have never documented a grow before. So here goes. OK. My latest cabinet is 2x2 hence my 4sq ft. I am downsizing from my last cabinet. Lighting this box I have 4 CXB 3590s putting out upto 200w. 50w/sq ft...
  4. Cat Lady Nursery

    Rusty leaves and yellowing plants on a first(ish) grow. :(

    Hey there. I'm Link. This is my first post. This is my first(ish) grow. My gf usually does this stoof, but she's been busy with work lately, so I'm taking the reigns on the diagnosis. Narcotic Kush AF Anyways... All three plants are identical as far as germ to pot process, strain, water...
  5. P J

    OLD REVIEWS Which one too choose? Help please

    I have been plating autos for a while (3 years). Iately ie been only planting autoultimate from Dutch Passion so that i can master the environment and know auto needs better. I have built a grow room with 6 1000w mh which i change to sodium in flower time, using GLR light cycle. A strong air...
  6. nizmoKush

    Outdoor Mini GSC grow

    so a couple weeks back i won some seeds grape kush photo and some autos that were breed by the grower i have no clue of the auto seeds.SDxPKa (i believe theyre regular seeds but looks like this might be a female) Its on week 3 since sprouting i believe and been using some leftover jungle juice...
  7. IraqJack

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Sour Crack Autoflower 2nd run, and Photoperiod friends.

    Just started this new run on November 6th since my current grow is coming to a close. The main focus will be on my 2nd run of Mephisto's Sour Crack. I will also be growing out x3 of Mephisto's Crackberry Regular photoperiod seeds, x2 Barney's Farm Cookies Kush Fem photoperiod, x3 Heavyweight...