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Nov 25, 2016
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Mephisto and Green Point
Hi Everyone.
Welcome to my first grow thread. I have been growing for a long time but have never documented a grow before. So here goes.

My latest cabinet is 2x2 hence my 4sq ft. I am downsizing from my last cabinet.
Lighting this box I have 4 CXB 3590s putting out upto 200w. 50w/sq ft.
This is a watt miser grow. The house I am in is off the grid and I rely on solar and batteries. So I have to be careful how I power my grow spaces.
In the past I have been a coco lover but for now I am crossing to the dark side to play in the dirt.
What started as a grow/ flower cabinet has grown to include a second cabinet that was built with the scraps from the first cabinet. This one lit by upto 200w of fluro's.

The cabinet on the left is the main cabinet with built in timer, light and fan controls. The cabinet on the right is the nursery cabinet. Both boxes are a work in progress. As odour control is not an issue I am liking the blind in place of a door. I can see a second blind in the future.


The business end. 4 CXB3590s putting out 200w. Thats 50w/sq ft.
I have them dialled back to around 120w at the moment.

Welcome to the crack house.
5 white crack. 3 at 4 weeks and 2 at 2 weeks. They are all recovering from light burn.
Yes there is a lot of WC. I have accumulated a crap load of them as freebies. I figured instead of torturing bought beans during break in, use the freebies. The deaths and under performers don't hurt that way.

Here is the nursery.
Mostly mephisto with 2 devine photos.
Ages from 1 week to 3 weeks.
Most of them will go outside during the day and come in at night for supplemental fluro lighting.
The seedling pots I am using are 4 inch fabric pots. Super easy repotting.
The final pots are 3 gallon smart pots, 20cm and 30cm plastic pots.
The soil that I am using is premium potting mix that performed like crap when first purchased and used 2 runs ago. Between runs it has been amended and gets better each time.
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Morning 4token, everything looks great, like your setup, this is going to be a good one, good luck.

There have been a few teething issues but thats to be expected. I still have further work to do on them, but I need to see how they perform so I know which direction to go.
I am looking forward to see what they can put out.
It is a DIY COB light using 4 CXB3590s with 3 12v fans for canopy air circulation.

There is nothing under the fans. Do you mean the plastic tray at the base of the cabinet?

Very nice and clean setup. I like that. Heatsinks are cool to touch? Are you from USA or EU?