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jack herer

  1. R

    New Grower Previous Jack Herer Auto

    Just posting some previous content of mine.
  2. Minime2020

    How to yeild and good yeild?

    Hi just a quick question, How to get large buds, my first grow has 2weeks left on one plant and 3-4weeks on the other, I use bluple lights and have a small 40*40*120cm tent, I use 3gallon fab pots, Coco coir, Canna nuits target of EC 1.6 and pH 5.8-6.0 But my question is how to get large buds...
  3. Jack is growing fat

    Jack is growing fat

    Fat and short, just entering week 3 with this Jack Herer from ILGM and it’s a lot fatter than the Bubblegum and OGKush started at the same time
  4. C

    New Grower Jack herer, mainly outdoor af winter grow

    Hi folks, new here. And just started three af Jack herer. they will be outside in the daytime while sunny and will be back in the house or the studio at nighttime’s and if get snow etc. Mainly organic, light Cacts soil, vermiculite and compost to start off but then adding a bit of monster bloom...
  5. StevOrganic

    New grower needing advice, greetings from ireland

    I have an autoflower black jack herer growing at the moment and it is growing at a very slow rate. I have it in 15l airpot with biobizz light mix soil. I put in the soil 15th May and it broke ground the 17th. The seed as a helmet for the first couple days which fell off. The environment has...
  6. Tom'sinflatedballs

    New Grower 2nd Grow: LED, Soil, Bubba Kush, Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, BubbleGum

    What's up everyone! Grew my first bud two years ago, a move back home, and some logistical issues aside, I am now back and rolling! wohooooo! My first grow taught me sooo much. Probably the most important thing I learned, was that this is the greatest hobby of all time. There is nothing like...
  7. elunex

    Photography Jack Herer Outdoor

    This is my first outdoor autoflower grow. She's a Jack Herer by Pachamama Seeds at week 4 of flowering, week 8 from seed. Jack Here Outdoor Week 4 by elunex posted Jan 12, 2019 at 11:32 AM Jack Herer Outdoor Close Up (week 4) by elunex posted Jan 12, 2019 at 11:31 AM Jack Herer Outdoor Close...
  8. J

    Spots on one of four seedlings + slow growth, Genetic or disease?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post here, and my first attempt at growing autoflowers. On Dec 1st I germinated 4 seeds, Jack Herer Auto Fem from Crop King Seeds. I plan to grow them in a RWDC setup in a 3' x 3' tent. I started them in 1" rockwool cubes and they sprouted quickly, shooting up 1"...
  9. sirsmokesalot

    Autoflower mixed bag of problems

    This is my first post/ thread here, after lurking for the past few months. Growing in 4'x8' room using 2x Mars ECO98 in 5L soil buckets. I'm in Ontario, so this is a 100% legal personal use grow, started Oct 18th :). We are now at day 45ish from sprout on all 4 plants. Seeds come from Quebec...
  10. Weescar

    New Grower First Seedstockers Auto Grow

    This grow is being tended to by a relative, she has helped me grow in autopots twice, she now has a grow space for herself and is being pretty much left to her own devices, but always asking questions and I'm in having a look now and then. The room is a 150cm x 240 cm room that we built inside...
  11. scarmade

    Jack Herer - 1 of 3 girls is going down. Help!

    In week 7 of flowering, 1 of my 3 girls (the strongest and possibly mother) is turning brown and the fan leaves are brittle to the touch, yet still greenish. The outside 2 plants are fine and leaves are dark green and moist. Trichomes are clear on all plants. It's a CanaCoca grow using...
  12. Yozhik

    Photoperiod Yozhik's Big Summer Adventure

    Just starting to get things underway for the Big Summer Adventure. The tentative plan [TBC] is to grow outdoors, to avoid putting too many hard earned €uros into the bottomless pockets of mobsters and racketeers,Iberdrola. So far 30 seeds have undergone the Paper Towel method of germination...
  13. Yozhik

    Photoperiod Yozhik grows Greenhouse Seeds Jack Herer and The Church CBD

    OK, so this is like nothing else I have done, so it could get pretty "hairy". Things are changing around here. In fact, a LOT of change. Don't know where to start, if I'm honest. Tentatively, for this grow, the CHANGES will be; Autopot XL with Airdomes ... [up to 48 - number still to be...
  14. HiddenDarts

    Live Stoners Hey Everyone, Quick Question RE: Day 70: Should I Harvest?

    Excellent, excellent forum. You guys should all be proud. This place is the bomb! No way I would have attempted my first grow without this superb resource. I was a lurker until now, but do need a little help. First time grower, using all Biobizz stuff (and GH Calmag) and 2 300W Galaxy Hydro...
  15. Druid

    Indoor Jack Herer: First time grow

    The first post is always the most awkward.. so: "Heeeyy" I found this board a few days ago and yesterday decided that I wanted to be here too. I've got experience with plants in general (I grow tiny trees and cross breed peppers for fun) but this is my first venture into this area. At the...
  16. pnw_lifted

    Indoor Advan Jack herer/ 00 seeds northern lights grow journal

    Here we go. Grow 4 1st in Portland. Rushed getting dirt to get seeds in the ground. And didn't use perlite. But I have some advanced seeds jack herer and 00 seeds northern lights which by far have been easiest and most tolerable strains these were extras next is blue berry domina and some...
  17. Nero

    New Grower 1st GROW, Led, Soilless, "Organic", Smart Pots, 8 Strains

    Join me in this adventure!!!
  18. swizzlestix

    Indoor Sweet Seeds Auto Mix Grow

    So since this forum has helped me out so much I feel. Its only right I contribute. Here is my first post. 10 - sweet seeds auto mix 1- Jack Herer Auto 1 -anesthesia auto Pro mix 3 gallon pots 2 x 125 watt hydrofarm cfls (until they're big enough for more light)