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  1. R

    Premature yellowing leaves

    The lower leaves of one or two of my plants has yellowing leaves. I’m new to this but I’m sure I’m not over or under watering. The plants not ready to cut. It’s in a 11 ltr pot and as it’s flowering, I’m feeding it with RQS’ Easy Bloom. It’s a Blue Dream strain… Any ideas??
  2. paulg

    Day 100, no end in sight

    I thought you might find this interesting. This is a Deelite plant that just keeps going. The buds keep putting out pistols, the leaves are solid green. I’m not in a hurry ( got plenty of bud to smoke), so I’ll let it grow. I’m interested to see how it turns out. More to come.
  3. puggle6

    Grow Mediums Consolidated Hydro FAQ and Stickys!

    Hi guys! Here you will find some links to helpful posts and frequently asked questions! If you would like to see a thread sticked or included here please @puggle6 or report post to admin and we will see what we can do! Quick links! Growing Mediums - Hydroponic Autoflower Infirmary for Sick...
  4. Mossy

    Live Stoners #AutoWarriors Team Trophy cabinet 2017

  5. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor AFN Welcomes Zambeza Seeds!

    We'd like to formally welcome @zambezaseeds for coming on to our Live Product Testing! We will be testing EVERY SINGLE autoflower strain and EVERY SINGLE photoperiod strain that they offer! Big shout out to these guys for allowing us the chance to test out their entire lineup and I'm sure...
  6. Frogster

    Old Reviews Ferro Nutrient Range Review (mainly for UK & EU)

    The object of this thread is to give a true unbiased review, inform people of a range of Nutrients & additives that probably do not appear on their radar... I have been testing them on my last few grows. A little bit about Ferro.... Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They...
  7. BigSm0

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto, Amare se-450's & Big Sm0

    Im excited to get a thread going in the mephisto section. I also have one going over with live vendors but action is a little slow over there. This is 8 of the hubbabubba, some are a little ahead of the rest but they just recently started fattening up their buds. I'm completely out of room...
  8. IzzyTheGrower

    Grow Mediums IzzyTheGrower autopots and dutch passion

    A tad late but fuck it better late then never lol Genetics: Dutch passion daiquiri lime and either a Brooklyn sunrise or Colorado cookies(accidentally mixed them up) Autopots: 2x 15l using promix hpcc with mycorrizae with added growstones instead of perlite Light: Veg, spectrum king...
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Welcome Blk.Seeds

    I want to give a big, warm welcome to @Leo Black with Blk.Seeds ( ) for joining us in our 6 month Live Vendor Program. Mr. Black has agreed to allow us to test virtually EVERY STRAIN in their catalogue over time, so we'll eventually have documented grow journals and...
  10. Discretepete2676

    Indoor Elite garden nutrients

    Well the time is finally here guys.... We've got an awesome newly patented product to be tested right here in front of the whole community.... So first let's all give a warm welcome to Joe from elite nutrients who will be our on-site rep and who pulled the strings to make all this possible for...
  11. witchyhour

    Bomb Seeds August BOM - THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds

    Here is the plant, she was gorgeous, easy to grow and totally drama free. It's still curing, but it's a very smooth vape, no cough at all. The high is nice and mellow, a bit of a couch lock. There she is!
  12. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Kind Led

    Coming soon to an AFN near you!
  13. Waximus

    Bomb Seeds The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...
  14. G

    Bomb Seeds Bombs Incoming!! Please post your favorite bomb pics

    I don't have any pics yet, but before too long there will be some bomb pics coning out of my garden!! To get me psyched I want to get a compilation of guys favorite Bomb strains. Make sure you tag other bomb growers if you know of any!! @HotBunz @HashMaster @Discretepete2676
  15. HLG1

    Indoor MOD 420 Horticulture COB Lighting

    MOD 420 is a universal frame for assembling a COB lamp with hundreds of different configurations. Developed by @Bobby from Mi and myself. The original prototype was Mod 8 for 8 cobs. We redesigned it to accommodate 4 cobs The final version of Mod 4 comes in 2 pieces can be can be joined to...
  16. K

    Indoor DIY COB light

    is this the place that supplies items for cob builds? I may be jumping the gun here so to speak, since there is no post here.
  17. dcat0921

    Lighting DCAT does Auto Ultimates in Kind Soil with Amare Solar Eclipse 300

    So since my last kind soil grow did not go like I'd hoped, I figured I'll try again with fewer plants in a little bigger pot than last time. Dropped 2 auto ultimates last week and as of these pics they are roughly 3 days old. Split one 5 pound bag of kind soil between the two 3 gallon pots and...
  18. Hydro_Jack

    Indoor Hello, this is my first post here...

    I saw this forum and I thought I would post a picture of my Tasty setup...I spent a ton but my room is rockin..These were way too tall when they went in...I have done a tone of bending and training..I used to grow hydro hence the name.....HJ
  19. DooDahMan

    Lighting mars II 400w vs Roleadro 400w COB

    Heya All... I have room in the closet and budget ( soon ) for one more light to fill in a little space. I have boiled it down to these two options. The MARS II 400w - Net Dimensions:340*340*90mm/13*13*3.5inches Led Brand:Epistar(HI-LED)High Intensity Led Quantity of each Panel:80LEDs Led View...
  20. MimTowls

    Lighting Mims Platinum Led garden

    Whats up AFN'ers? I guess I'm showing up a little late to the party, but better late than never!! I would first off like to thank Mark and Tom over at Platinum LED for putting me on the team and letting me showcase a couple P-600 panels! I have been growing for about 2 years now, all of which...