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live infirmary

  1. Son of Hobbes

    Live Stoners Music: What Are You Listening To? Volume 5

  2. E

    New Grower Upcoming Spring Outdoor Grow - Advice Wanted!

    Dear AFN amigos and amigas! Spring is coming soon, and Maria has been getting ready, planning for some fun! My basic plan is similar to my last grow, but learning from some mistakes. I'm starting this thread to get some advice and guidance from the experienced growers here on AFN. Some...
  3. Mossy

    Live Stoners Live Vendor Interview discount codes.

    Queen City Hemp 28th Jan 2017 thanks for the well wishes! I'll definitely stop by and say hello. for those interested in ordering - use coupon code QCH10NM for an extra 10% off!!
  4. Mossy

    Anomolies we have Seen on AFN.

    Any Auto Anomolies can be placed here for reference.
  5. Waira

    Quick and Dirty deficiency picture depot (expanded to include other issues as well)

    :toke: Folken- This thread is for compiling various deficiency pics gathered from all around,... the idea is to get several pics of each defc. and it's various symptoms, particularly the more atypical ones,... hopefully, to be included in a more comprehensive, consolidated thread for staff...