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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Live Stoners Current Live Stoner Gossip Dec/Jan/Feb 2018

    New Live Stoner Gossip! Old thread will be archived!
  2. Ripper

    Indoor Fairlynew vs Tetra9

    In this battle we have two stellar growers both growing Sour Crack. @Tetra9 and @Fairlynew please give the viewers a description of how you plan to win this battle and what you will be using.
  3. Mossy

    Lighting LED section Live updates. an

    LED section is Under Review..the First thing that will happen will be a Spring Clean. All threads over 1 year with no further posts wil be Reviewed and deleted as appropriate. Same with stickies. We hope to get a KISS LED section set u p with Live Help and tutorials for beginners and hopefully...
  4. mohawk warrior


    welcome all you new cats... good luck on your kitty quests! over in live stoners chat this JULY 20th 6pm GMT (tricky one cause the moon refracts light or sum shit and its a leap year). so if any of you starters got @mephisto seeds popping come on over and ill pass the mic to ya for some...
  5. briman


    Hello AFN! This thread will be for anyone wanting to run the Kindsoil and share your growlog/experiences with kindsoil! Best of luck with this great product!:d5: If you have ANY questions at all, @Ripper is your guy! Please give us a little biography of your setup, lights etc. Just like a grow...
  6. Fuggzy

    Live Stoners Lets play a game: Just the tip...

    Hi guys, and a happy day to you all. I would like to invite you to a journey of fun, laughter, joy, and who knows, maybe something educational... The game I want to play is Just The Tip. If the first thing that popped in to your head was being 14 again, you get a golden pass. If you thought...
  7. TaNg

    Live Stoners Live Dabbers Thread.

    If your dabbing it up let us know. We wanna see oils,waxes,shatter,sift,hash the lot,did you make it,buy it etc.....we also wanna see those rigs and tools. I will kick it off as I'm enjoying a garden sesh.
  8. Mossy

    Live Stoners Live Stoner Gossip

    TaNg has suggested we have a Live Chat area since the Chatbox this is an Trial to see if members would use it.