1. Trichome farmer

    Photoperiod BARNEYS FARM LSD

    HELLO this thread will follow my grow with the barneys farm LSD space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights: GN TELOS-008 v1.1 GN TELOS-008 V2 nutes: SHOGUN COCO A+B calmag katana roots silicon pk 9/18 sumo boost dragon force...
  2. The Vault

    FREE Barneys Farm Seeds at The Vault

    Barney's Farm just keep giving more and more to The Vault customers. They already give a free seed to all customers and a 2nd to all that spend over £50, now you can get another 10 Barneys Farm seeds if you spend over £200 at The Vault. This is just insane! Read the post, get a 15% discount...
  3. Daipot

    Photoperiod buds!

  4. K

    Indoor Kakarot's Multi-Strain Photo-Period Thriller

    Captains Bong-12/20/16- Well fellars Pot Pros is messed up for me I cannot post anything just keep getting a Server Error so just gonna start journal here,this is a run down of what we have. This is a Photo-Period grow, strains,breeders,pot's etc. are as followed- 1)Dutch Passion- GlueBerry O.G...
  5. TheWeekendGrower

    Indoor 1st time growing, have some questions

    This will be my 1st time growing autos I have grown a couple plants outside but never inside till now! OK so the room I will be growing in is 4 ft by 5 ft by 7 ft. The pots I will be growing in are 18 gallon totes that hold 2.5cf of soil. For my soil I will be using promix organic with added...