marshydro ii

  1. Bambud

    Indoor Bambud's monsterous Blueberry Twist

    Hi Everyone. I go by bambud, looking to re-introduce myself to the canna community after some inactivity. My most successful grow in the past that some of you may have seen, was with a Think Different Auto from Dutch Passion. I got about 435g dry from that plant in about 3-4 months of growth...
  2. Wile e Peyote

    Mephisto Genetics Wile e does a Tyrone Special or two

    hey up afn thought i should post this here after the great customer service i got (psst they do the same for everyone :thumbsup:) cant recommend them enough on with the log i am at day 14 germed in root riot cubes using Ronins germing technique found here planted into there final pots (10 ltr...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Hobbes Gets Wet with Mars Hydro (DWC, Mars II 1600W)

    I'm working on my first hydro DWC grow ever! It's been a lot of failure. :rofl: But also an equal amount of success (like, "gee I learned a lot about what I did wrong "success"!) :rofl: I'd have to say that hydro has taught me more about growing weed than anything else I've ever tried. The...