1. Freebie finishers!!

    Freebie finishers!!

    Well it looks like I’m gonna stick this girl in the dark for a stretch and stress her a bit before clipping her all up, but what a pretty girl she turned out to be! I’m a Meph Head for life after this f1 run!! I grew the free seeds they GAVE me before the ones I purchased bc idk … I’m frugal...
  2. My pack of meph, rocks!

    My pack of meph, rocks!

    My baby meph girls on day 45(Jan 14./ Born Dec 1rst). All these ladies have been trained since day 17/18. A few days after that I FiM'd them and have been heavily bending them back every 2 or 3 days. They are thick stems and bushy bush! Love it!
  3. LovinKVS

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto spring 2018 Artisanal and Limited Edition Testers

    Hey Everyone. So I have been lucky enough to get my hands on these amazing Spring test strains, Fugue State, Forum stomper, Orange Diesel, Strawberry Nuggets and Forgotten Cookies, thanks again Mitch @mephisto , its an honor to be given the chance. Its been a while since I've journaled anything...
  4. MaxPowerGrows

    Mephisto Genetics MaxPowerGrows....Tyrone Special

    Hi friends, I'll be using a similar setup to the rest of my grows. 9liter pot Air disc 3inches hydroton then filled with fox farm chunky perlite Nutrient solution is kept at 18Celsius, and at 3 inches deep Fox farm hydroponic nutrient line up Cal mag, hydroguard, sweet berry So the last Tyrone...
  5. MaxPowerGrows

    Mephisto Genetics MaxPowerGrows....stunts a Tyrone

    Hey guys, this seed took forever to germinate, most people would have thrown it away, it wasn't taking up extra space in the germination tray so I left it. It took almost twenty days to break the surface. Then grew slowly and bloomed immediately. I've found that almost every quality seed will...
  6. MaxPowerGrows

    Sweet Seeds MaxPowerGrows....Closet of Clones

    hey everyone, I chose to put this thread in the sweet seeds forum since a few of the clones are sweet seeds autoflowering Black Cream. There are also a few clones of an autoblueberry by bulldog, and just a mix of other auto and photosensitive strains. Ive always enjoyed playing around with...
  7. MaxPowerGrows

    Photoperiod MaxPowerGrows....Jock Horror by Nirvana

    Hey guys, I'm running this plant to be my Christmas tree so I won't be doing any topping, or cutting at all. Today is day 31 since she broke the surface and became a seedling. I put her in bloom yesterday(day 30 of veg) , she is about 18 inches tall right now. I'm using a 7 gallon smart pot...
  8. MaxPowerGrows

    Mephisto Genetics MaxPowerGrows.....Sour Hound by MephistoGenetics

    Hey guys, I couldn't resist growing out a sour hound, so I rigged a small horse feed can with an air stone, two inches of hydrostone, and filled the rest up with Fox farm chunky perlite. Ill use the FF hydroponic line up, with dose amounts at half strength, for now, and also hydroguard...
  9. Rhubarb Pi

    Mephisto Genetics POLL: Rhubarb's 2nd Cycle

    GREETINGS 2nd cycle of Mephisto Autos is IMMINENT. I will be starting two right away, with another 2 varietals at the 30 day mark. SO AFN - Which @mephisto pair should I begin ASAP? Keep in Mind the following: @BigSm0 AutoCOBs, 3x3 tent, exhaust system, coco coir :)
  10. thetreeman

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Genetics 50% Off Black Friday Sale!!!

    "All direct purchases through our website over the value of $150 USD (£100 GBP) will be entitled to 50% off!!! That's right 50%!!! Better still, repost and hashtag our Black Friday Sale image here and you'll be entered into a random drawing to win the entire Mephisto Genetics Seed Range.. Share...