1. max holloway

    Lighting lighting for veg state

    Hi guys im Max and im new around here, i've grown few time and this is the second time i grow autos. i have a 250W HPS\MH light (its a dual). first time i grew a jack herer auto, the yield wasnt amazing (about 24g) but it was good shit. i came across this info that autos prefer blue spectrum...
  2. Hal 8999

    Old Reviews MHP Masterblend tomato and vegetable fertilizer (yes the YouTube stuff)

    Those are five or six days later on the photos. I think many people would be pleased with using MHP Masterblend tomato and vegetable formula. You get a twenty five pound bag for about $50 and mix with calcium nitrate and Epsom salt. The ratio is 12 grams calcium nitrate, 12 grams fertilizer, and...