1. Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Hey!! Currently only on day 5 of my first grow and everything seems to be going okay so far. However there’s always plenty of room for error.. I was a little worried about Dr Jack cause of the colour and being so bright or yellow tinted in the centre, she’s growing a bit slower than Blue Dream...
  2. hotdogking15

    Organic nutrients?

    So, I’m very new to this and am ready to start growing my blue dream auto and dr jack. I [think] I’m purchasing a 600W led and am dead set on growing with all natural fertilisers (kelp meal, worm castings, bat guano etc) in coco coir/perlite. Would it be risky to only feed them “compost tea”...
  3. sour.b

    Neem Fertilizer the soil growers best friend.

    Hi AFN, As many of you, I had problem with bugs. Gnats, thrips and all sorts! As many I tried several products, mixes and concoctions to try and get rid of the unwanted little fuckers even introducing some killer bugs, some worked some didn't.. I grow organically and the chances are that if...