nirvana seeds

  1. Day 36 update

    Day 36 update

    The floweing has begun! Sorry for the mess as soon as I am done writing I am heading down to the cellar and finish setting up my temporary grow area. It is much easier to control the heat that the TSW2000 generates.
  2. Grow_God_Q

    New Grower My 2nd run toward greatness

    hey everyone... q-tizzle back here to document my 2nd run at this whole growing thing... my 1st one went well... got 2.5 lbs dry off of 5 plants but I'm definitely not satisfied... after that grow.. I had some stuff happen so I wasn't able to complete the journal so lets hope that this one can...
  3. tone203v

    Live Stoners are all autos weaker versions of their original phototype strains??

    hey , new to growing autos , but not growing .. never even smoked a auto until my last grow .. i did all my home work and yes i know its a fact autos are weaker because part of the genetics its a very low thc ruderalis crossed with a good strain making it a lesser version .. thou ive herd low...
  4. Tank

    New Grower First auto grow Nirvana seeds (Northern Lights)

    Hi all, I have done a few outdoor bag seed grows with little to no care to the plants and its been alright. since i gave up the bottle and picked up the pipe more ive decided to step up my game on growing and now have an indoor setup for my winter hobbie :) i decided to start off with an...
  5. K

    Indoor Kakarot's Multi-Strain Photo-Period Thriller

    Captains Bong-12/20/16- Well fellars Pot Pros is messed up for me I cannot post anything just keep getting a Server Error so just gonna start journal here,this is a run down of what we have. This is a Photo-Period grow, strains,breeders,pot's etc. are as followed- 1)Dutch Passion- GlueBerry O.G...
  6. iampepe

    Outdoor Meadow grow - Nirvana and Flash

    Nirvana Northern Lights and Blue Mystic - Feminized Auto Flash Russian Fuel - Standard Auto They started under LED in 2 gallon pots and transplanted outside at day 21. I attempted to sex the Flash seeds with the naked eye. Two I thought for sure where female, one is a male and started...
  7. NugNubs

    Indoor Shorty Rides Again

    NugNubs Back in the saddle, one plant this time, still Short Rider. Using Roots Organic original soil with roots nutes. Buddha grow, uprising foundation , amino aide, elemental cal-mag to date, Buddha bloom, hi phos bat and seabird guano and Humboldt big up powder to come. today is day 41
  8. smellascope92

    OLD REVIEWS jock horror (nirvana seeds) outdoor/indoor

    Would love to se results of people outdoor/indoor harvest taste smell smoke ext. Just input in general. Thanks!!!!