1. First Grow - July 2021 Run

    First Grow - July 2021 Run

    Hey all! As the title suggests, I'm new to all things growing. Mid Atlantic region of the US, which means long hot humid summers. This post is going to be pretty picture heavy (though maybe not idk) since I'm dumping about 2 months worth so just fair warning on that. My first four beans (Purple...
  2. daylighting

    Mephisto Genetics GGG4!

    Hi All! Finally cracking some Mephisto beans. I originally bought Triangle and Chemdogging back in April 2017 and put them in the fridge. Due to low ambient temps, I tried to germinate them under HPS, but they got TOO hot and I cooked all 5 of my Triangles and 3 of my Chemdogging (and three...
  3. rlsachs2003

    New Grower First Grow. Newbie

    Just finished soaking my first seeds. Dropped them all in rapid rooters in 5 gal smart pots. Will be running a 600 watt mh/hps grow light in 4 by 4 by 7 tent after they pop up. With a pro mix soil mix with added perlite and vermiculite. Nutes from General Hydroponics. Planted the following...
  4. LucidLucy

    New Grower Lucy's Very First Grow - Ak48 auto in soil LED

    I decided to learn how to grow weed very recently. My state has been legal for more than a year without a single location to buy it in, that combined with the knowledge that we legalized gambling seven years ago and the first license has just been given out now, I figure I better grow my own. I...
  5. The420Kid

    Auto Seeds Sucker Punch Round 2

    Hello peeps. This is my second attempt at the SP. I grew 2 out and was very happy with what i done but think there is aways room for improvment. I want to try some lst on thislasy one and see what the difference is. Here is my first journal...
  6. The420Kid

    Indoor Auto Seeds Sucker punch, Blue Amnesia, Closet, Led/Cfl

    Hello everybody. This is my first grow journal but i have grown abit and i am always looking to improve my grow. This is my set up Auto seeds Sucker punch x2. I spent along tme looking for the right auto version of my favorite strain Bubba Kush and when i read about this strain it looked...
  7. Jack Nastyface

    New Grower Let's try this again... 1st Grow Nirvana Bubblicious, Outdoor, Native Soil, Organic

    I started a journal in the Outdoor Grow section and haven't gotten much traffic. Here's the link... I'm moving the rest of the journal here in hopes of getting more feedback as to how things are...
  8. Jack Nastyface

    Outdoor 1st Time Grow! Outdoor, Native Soil, Nirvana Bubblicious...

    Hello, friends! This is my first ever grow of our beloved plant. My setup is pretty simple... Outdoor vegetable garden in native soil. Our temperatures are averaging between 85 to 92 degrees since I started the grow. We've had regular rainfall and humidity averaging in the 60 to 75 percent...
  9. Sensi Jay

    Indoor Jay does Blue Mystic COB coco grow with Biotabs

    Welcome and High All! Completed the last grow in my sig, and had to take down tent while house is redecorated. Ran autopot style grow and had great success running biotabs. So in the meantime I'm doing a mini grow with a Nirvana Blue Mystic, that according to a number of sites and grows here...
  10. Tank

    Photoperiod 4 strain outdoor photoperiod Grow summer 2017

    Welcome all to my 2017 grow!:welcome: location: NE usa outdoor grow period: late march early april - september-october 6-7 months Strains: all fems Pure Power Plant, Kaya Gold, Lithium OG Kush and Maui Waui. medium: Soil (home mix) light: sun/shade containers: some 5 gal air pots, some 7 gal...
  11. Tank

    New Grower AK48 and Northern Lights autofem

    Hello everyone and thanks for joining me in first journal and last adventure with autos till my photos are done in the fall. Ok, a little background on my grow history. i have done several years of outdoor container grows with unknown genetics (bag seed) with varying success. in order to...
  12. Tank

    New Grower First auto grow Nirvana seeds (Northern Lights)

    Hi all, I have done a few outdoor bag seed grows with little to no care to the plants and its been alright. since i gave up the bottle and picked up the pipe more ive decided to step up my game on growing and now have an indoor setup for my winter hobbie :) i decided to start off with an...
  13. Ribbzzy

    Indoor Nirvana Blueberry Kush Auto

    Ive started a diary for the first time, and 2 Blueberry Kush from Nirvana. Soil is Plagron light Platinum P300 3 gallon/11 liter smart pots Bio Bizz, Root Juice, Fish Mix, Bloom, Top Max (because I have it, when its gone, it aint getting replaced) Lights 20/4
  14. Norman

    New Grower My first autoflower grow!!

    Hi guys, This is my very first attempt of growing autoflower cannabis. I assembled a 3' x 3' wooden frame tent covered with black (outside) and reflective white (inside) mylar sheeting. Height is around 6 feet. After a lot of research I decided to go for the VIPAR 450W reflector (5W Bridglux...
  15. A4

    Grow Mediums A4 grows Nirvana Bubblelicious Auto in DWC

    Got a couple freebies and decided to throw them in DWC to see what they would do. They have been barely above ground for a day so we will call this day 1.