1. SiamBuds

    Nutrients Got some cheap powder nutes I want to use in coco, 30-20-10, 0-52-34 Will that do the trick?

    Got some cheap powder nutes I want to use in coco, 30-20-10, 0-52-34 Will that do the trick? I got them from local forum, someone said use them and it grows fine. Tho wonder how to cut it down? by 4? On box veg says 50-100g/20L flowering one 25-50/20L I got 10L bucket and 6 5gal pots So...
  2. D

    New Grower 10 week old sweet tooth yellowing but still not ready for harvest!

    Hello everyone! First time grower and first time poster, I have a 10 week old sweet tooth that is not yet done blooming and is starting to get fully yellow leaves all around with some showing brown spots but not all of them. The plant was kept both inside and outside (mostly the latter) and has...
  3. V

    autopot coco/perlite, nute deficiency or lockout?

    Hey guys! Happy to finally join AFN and get in on the action. My first grow was hand watered FFOF+Promix soil in 5 gal fabric pots, 4 plants, CKS White Widow photoperiod, 500g-ish dry. Great experience. This is my second attempt, switched to autopots because I was tired of hand watering and...
  4. S

    My girls are dying :(

    Problem: Yellowing leaves, purpling stems and purple spots on the leaves Medium/grow method: Soil Feed: and supplements used: Gh flora series half dose of what is written water source: Ph'ed tap water Strain/age: 1 month in flowering light used: 300watt cob Climate:25-29 degrees of...
  5. TaTHC

    HELP!!!!! Not sure what this is

    so this is what's going on...I think I over fed but not sure with what...or is it my ph? The overall plants OK Iguess .
  6. StandingInQz

    Got some broken cookies

    Helllo to the forum. I'm a pretty new grower, although my two previous grows have not worked out so well. For this one I bought a half decent setup. Got an 80x80x160 tent. A mars hydro reflector P96, 4"" inlet and outlet. Temps between 22-28. I have 3 fastbuds grapefeuit and 1 Fast bud GSC in...
  7. Santorini

    [HELP] Narrowed Down To Nitrogen Toxicity

    Hi Guys, I think I've narrowed my problem down to Nitrogen Toxicity for my plant. yet I still need help / advice @Ripper Mephisto Auto Blues Day 42 Pot Size: 3 Gallon Smart Pot Soil: Long story short...The main Rootball is in Miracle Grow 3 month (I would say that 1 gal - 1.5 gal is in...
  8. C

    New Grower Does nitrogen toxicity damage go away?

    Im wondering if my plants need nitrogen. only fed once, they are end of 4 weeks now. The white widow showed slight clawing 3 days after feed so I didn't give anything again. I noticed though that the lower fan leaves are slightly getting pale towards yellowing possibly..certainly not as dark...
  9. G

    Please Help!! Flowering issues!

    Hello, I planted my northern lights auto seeds that I purchased about 80 days ago, (11 weeks). It's been in flower for at least three weeks now, and I'm getting pretty worried. The entire grow has been fairly slow, but right now the buds are not even close to being as big as they should be for...
  10. G

    Indoor What is going on with my plant?!

    I just started my second grow and it's going fairly well I think. There are a few issues about my plant that I'm having trouble figuring out. She's about a month old now and has been growing steadily, but a bit slow. Ever since she got her first fan leaves they have been over lapping. All of...