1. 3 Bears OG Body Shot

    3 Bears OG Body Shot

    she was so DENSE, I had to tie her to the ceiling so she didnt break her branches. even then some still snapped. And that's only a 2 gallon pot!
  2. 3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    Such a pretty shot. this one went on my wall. Only the BEST make it on the wall.
  3. 3 Bears OG Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Main Cola

    Such a Sticky Girl. I had to keep alcohol next to me while trimming her up
  4. 3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    my GOODNESS look at those crystals!
  5. Stellabud

    Indoor Telos 008 Grow trained vs untrained

    Currently on day 24 only just worked out how to start my own thread so have posted a few pics so far! Zkittlez OG barneys farm grown in airpots under telos008. Watch this space...
  6. L

    Mephisto Genetics Which `OG` from Mephisto?

    Hi guys, I am about to finalise my season 2019 grow plan and wanted to ask your help concerning Mephisto's OG strains. Ripley's OG, 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG all sound amazing, but make it hard for me to pick which one to go for (besides various other Meph strains). Grow Setup: Southern...
  7. 420weedwizard

    Live Stoners What is the best Autoflowering OG Kush?

    Hey guys, who in your opinion has the best OG Kush (breeders) ?. In terms of potency, similarity to the real OG Kush (I know that there are different cuttings of real deal OG Kush), and the iconic OG Kush structure.
  8. NoRobo

    Mephisto Genetics Samsquanch OG

    Breeders Name: Mephisto Genetics Strain Name: Samsquanch OG (Yeti OG x 3 Bears OG) Autoflower?: Yes, day 20. Soil/Hydro: Soil, 6 gallon fabric pot Nutes: Super soil on its 5th cycle with well water only. Never PH'ed or PPM. Lights: 1 300w mars knock off, old style directly above with...
  9. Weed Wichards

    Indoor Bad Auto OG grow...

    So this is my first grow in a little while, and I'm going to harvest today. It wasn't perfect by any means, but now that it's completed it's jogged my memory of the "old days" and next time around should be much more promising. I should clearly state upfront the results in no way are due to...
  10. FG4auto

    New Grower 3 Bears OG (Mephisto) in supersoil, 2x2x4, 300w, 1st Grow

    Hello AFN! This will be my first grow journal so feel free to follow along. Tips, advice, and suggestions are more than welcome. 3 Bears Og from Mephisto Genetics Space : 2x2x4 grow tent inside closet Light : (1) 300w Mars Hydro Medium : Malibu Potting Soil + Worm Castings Mix (About 20-30%...
  11. Frankidelics

    Mephisto Genetics Frankie's Cab's Supernatural OG!

    Hey guys! I think it is time I start this thread for the beautiful Supernatural OG. My first Mephisto! I grow in 10L airpots using Plagron light mix with Advanced Nutrients (Sensi Grow and Bloom, Rhyno Skin, Voodoo Juice, Carboload, and Overdrive), under a HPS 250w dual spectrum.