1. MissUniverse

    Auto Seeds Sweet CBD Auto Smoke and Edible Report

    SeedBank : Strain: Sweet CBD Auto (SCA) Did it autoflower?: Yes around the second week latest Soil/hydro: Roots Organics 3 gallon air pot Nutes: General Hydroponics Maxi series (maxigro and maxibloom), koolbloom (only once and it could have been unneeded as you can just...
  2. Mañ'O'Green

    Dinamed CBD QWET

    I grew a Dinamed CBD Photoperiod plant and harvested it last month. After a three week cure I tried pressing rosin but the yield was very poor. Next I made a warm 5 minute QWET with 40g of bud yielding 2.5g of pure CBD QWET. I then made two chocolate bars using my rosin to chocolate bar recipe...
  3. VitaMan

    Dinafem Blue Cheese Automatic grow

    Alright, lets get growing! I have decided on a very good pain strain with high CBD Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto Media: 3 gallon eq. AirPot 30% Coir which was hydrated with CalMag and Silica 70% Dutch Treat Soil Mix was inoculated with Soil Life and Mosquito Dunks in de-chlorinated water Also...
  4. icmoon

    Cannabis and increased heart rate

    Hi, I just want to throw this one out to you all, first because I am new to growing my own (I am in week 17 of my first grow and although it was a mess at first due to trying to grow too many plants in a tiny tent all is now OK and flowering/budding nicely) secondly because I have angina with...
  5. Caprifool

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

    Did a quick search on the topic and came up with zero hits. Maybe this could be a start to share any info or support amongst us who struggle with EDS. Or to those who have to put up with us on bad days :rolleyes1: I was diagnosed with EDS-HT two years ago and I'm on morphine 24/7...
  6. MissUniverse

    New Grower Growing while in extreme pain - My Journey so far

    Hello all, If you don't know me please check out my intro thread here: [EDIT] @pop22 is taking me under their wing and has agreed to help me out and i appreciate being coached by pop22. Hopefully sometime I can pass along...