1. Beatdownbarber

    OLD REVIEWS Tiki Madman

    Looking to try out Tiki Madman genetics, any suggestions on strains?
  2. Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow Clover Shake

    Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow Clover Shake

    Bulletproof Genetics tester grow Strain: Clover Shake (Shamrock cake × ice cream cake) Journal in progress will soon be filled with plant info. There are 10 seeds, half of which are up less than 24 hrs after going into soil. Follow me on Instagram @ swamplillys for daily photos of this and all...
  3. GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    I started with one strain...ended up with 5. This is Strain #6 from Twenty20 Mendocino. Glue Sniffer S1 is one of Twenty20's I've not tried yet, and if what ive seen of his work so far is any clue, this is going to be a beautiful example of exacting attention to detail and a true love of...
  4. Lady Lollipops

    OLD REVIEWS Sugar bomb punch dutch passion

    I just placed a seedsman order. I'm excited to try sugar bomb punch. I haven't grown a photo yet. I'll probably lol the key lime pie I picked up by philosopher seeds first (it's one of my favorite strains). I'm scared I'll screw up the sbp. Anyone have experience groaning sugar bomb?
  5. IMG_3546-1.jpg


  6. Glue Breath Clone Only-1-3.JPG

    Glue Breath Clone Only-1-3.JPG

  7. cookies mama-4122.jpg

    cookies mama-4122.jpg

  8. cookies mama-4113.jpg

    cookies mama-4113.jpg

  9. cookies mama-3585-2.jpg

    cookies mama-3585-2.jpg

  10. cookies mama-3585.jpg

    cookies mama-3585.jpg

  11. cookies mama-3555.jpg

    cookies mama-3555.jpg

  12. cookies mama-3211.jpg

    cookies mama-3211.jpg

  13. cookies mama-.jpg

    cookies mama-.jpg

  14. Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

  15. 220-1-10.JPG


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