1. Hotshot

    Grow Mediums Autopot first run questions

    What kind of nutrients do most run? Do you run them in the reservoir? I’m having issues of yellow leaves and some brown spots. Also have some kind of build up in the aqua valve area. I’d like to send to flower soon any guidance is greatly appreciated. ak47 photos week 8 of grow Fox farm happy...
  2. Beatdownbarber

    Indoor Mirakuru

    Mirakuru by Rocbud, a buddy of mine and I are mothering it to keep the strain going.
  3. S

    1st Grow in 40+ Years!
    Threadmarks: First grow in 40 years!

    Hi All! I'm new to this, other than an attempt I made over 40 years ago! I'm now 72 and decided to do it again! Last time my plants grew to over 7 feet tall, with not one flower! I grew them in my backyard veg garden. So, I wish I had without keeping any records of my progress, I wish I had. I...
  4. Rebel


    Greetings My AFN FAMILY! I am pleased to announce that SACRA VIA SHOP IS BACK UP AND IN FULL FORCE!! We are adding new products! Today we just go out FIRST SHIPMENT OF @Smokin Screws IN THE HOUSE!! Right now we have the singles and party packs available and will be adding the COMPLETE...
  5. Ayahuasca 1

    Ayahuasca 1

    one of the colas on the first SCROG of my AYP. Pretty, but this was one of the greener buds. Most of them were black-ish purple, and a sea spray green color. Very pretty plant
  6. cotum3

    Photography Two homies, seeds from accidental "nana" pollination.

    here are a few pics of my current grow, using two homie seeds, parents were from royal queen seeds, dont know which was the dad or mother. At this point they were a couple of runts that I let run wild on the balcony for a few weeks, they were very slow growing, quite weak looking, but I had...
  7. Sweet Seeds

    Sweet Seeds ★ Winners of the Sweet Seeds contest, October 2017 edition

    ✿ Photographic Contest ✿ [/URL'] [/URL'] October 2017 edition [/URL'] ★ KonopCh ★ with this lovely picture of Black Cream Auto: 3 packs of 5+2 Sweet Seeds seeds [/URL'] ★ COALTRAIN ★ with this gorgeous picture of Red Poison Auto: 2 packs of 5+2 Sweet Seeds seeds [/URL'] ★...
  8. Rebel

    Photoperiod AFN's PhotoPeriod 2 Liter Bottle Grow Off -- 2017!!

    IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Since we had to shut down PotPros and reinventing the PhotoPeriod Section here at AFN once again... Your fearless leaders (@Rebel, @912GreenSkell, @pop22, @dankstyle J, & @Discretepete2676) have decided to kick off a fresh 2 Liter Pop/Soda/Cola Bottle Grow Off...
  9. Anglo Automatics

    Outdoor EA's Cornfield Grow 2016

    Here is a quick recap of my cornfield grow of 2016 which featured autos and photos. The photo below was taken at plant out on 6th July. I had to wait until later on in the season to use this field as Roundup is applied to the corn in mid June, and I wanted to wait a few weeks for it to wash out...
  10. Son of Hobbes

    Live Stoners Autoflower INSTAGRAM!

    Hey guys, did you know that AFN has an Instagram account? But we need YOUR help! We're looking for awesome and amazing pictures that we can potentially upload to show our Instagram followers what autoflowers can do! "Gee Hobbes, we'd love to help...
  11. Rebel

    Dinafem Rebel's Dinafem Picture Gallery

    Since the addition of one of my all time favorite seed companies is now on board I'd like to show off some of the Dinafem gear I've grown over the last 5 years... Let's get our fingers sticky shall we? Auto Amnesia 2013 Blue Hash (Photoperiod) Auto Critical Jack (still among a...
  12. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand -- MGM -- Test Grow Home Thread

    Evenin' Folks! AFN is PROUD to announce a Med-Man Brand - MGM (Medical Grade Marijuana) - Signature Line - Test Grow!!! 8 of us are going to be test growing a variety of strains by Med-Man Brand - MGM Signature Line and showing them off here for all you all, including Med Man himself, to see...