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  1. Ayahuasca 1

    Ayahuasca 1

    one of the colas on the first SCROG of my AYP. Pretty, but this was one of the greener buds. Most of them were black-ish purple, and a sea spray green color. Very pretty plant
  2. Glue Breath  (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Completed Glue Breath (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Here I have my last 3 glue breath beans, just popped their heads up this morning. I do not know if these seeds are fem or not. Like I mentioned before, these seeds came from a female plant that hermied, and pollinated a motorbreath. So I have no idea what I am about to get. I have a bit of an...
  3. F | T |F Growery: Seedsman Jack Herer

    Completed F | T |F Growery: Seedsman Jack Herer

    So I received this strain as a freebie and I intended to clone a bunch off if it but it would get woody incredibly fast and take incredibly long to root; three to four weeks. I had three seeds and I thought about killing them in several occasions but I decided to go ahead and flower them since...
  4. pop22

    Photoperiod Tales of Local Strains

    Most growers sooner or later hear of local strains, ones that have been grown locally for years. They all have a story. I've been posting about Ducksfoot and those threads contain a pretty good story themselves. So I'd like to see this section kick off by people posting tales and truth about...
  5. pop22

    Indica Dominant Photo Period Projects

    I've been working with autoflower/photoperiod crosses for a while. I've now decided to work with just photo period breeding projects for a while, then maybe make auto crosses from them, make everything truly my own crosses. I have a preference for Indicas and Indica dominant crosses, Any cross...
  6. Mossy

    Photoperiod Photosensitive Staff

    Your Photosensitive Staff are @Rebel @912GreenSkell @Discretepete2676 If you have any Problems or Queries please feel free to Tag them into your thread. Tagging is simple..just put the @ sign before their names as you see above and they will receive an Alert to guide them to your thread...
  7. Chopperguy58

    Indoor Photos's....how long is flowering cycle

    Just had my girls show their sex. Now that I know they're females how long should I expect them to be in the flowering stage? They are in the very early stage of pre flower. I'm going to guess 30-45 more days. What do you guys think?