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  1. Ribbzzy

    Indoor Ribbz on Rotation

    I've made a few changes to my space. I split the room horizontally, stuck a P150 at the top, a P300 in the bottom. I'll start 2 seeds under the P150, then halfway through, move them under the P300, and start 2 more seeds. So I can harvest roughly every 35-40 days. The idea being, I want 100%...
  2. Ribbzzy

    Mephisto Genetics Samsquanch OG, 4 Assed Monkey, Creme de la Chem

    Finally, I've got the space to grow these out, and the new names kill me, 4 assed monkey! A belated thanks to @mephisto for these seeds Set up is same usual. Platinum P300 BioBizz light mix, grow, bloom, heaven, alg a mic Plant Magic Plant Explosion, Black Pearl Phresh hyperfan, Rhino Pro Carbon...
  3. Ribbzzy

    Seed Stockers AK420, Power Plant, Blackberry Gum, with a smattering of BDSM

    Wassup AFNers. Looking forward to growing these out over the next weeks. A couple of sativas, and a fruity indica for bedtime. Thanks to @DutchPassionTony and his generosity. Set up, Platinum P300, bigger smart pots this time, 15 liter instead of 11, BioBizz light mix, BioBizz nutes, Phresh...
  4. Ribbzzy

    Indoor Nirvana Blueberry Kush Auto

    Ive started a diary for the first time, and 2 Blueberry Kush from Nirvana. Soil is Plagron light Platinum P300 3 gallon/11 liter smart pots Bio Bizz, Root Juice, Fish Mix, Bloom, Top Max (because I have it, when its gone, it aint getting replaced) Lights 20/4