1. Humanrob

    Do you grow CBD strains?

    I'm surprised with all the publicity around the benefits of CBD, that there aren't more threads and conversations around them, even in the med section. I thought CBD represented a bigger part of the industry, but I guess I was misreading things. Based on seed availability, it doesn't seem like...
  2. L

    POLL: Trends In High Efficiency LED Light Design

    I've noticed that the current trend in LED lighting design is taking an interesting turn in respect to the spectrum. First we saw Blurple LED's, chasing the highest PPF/watt, which fell out of favor because you couldn't see your plants properly. Then we saw White LED's, so now you could see...
  3. High-Dro Mephisto

    OLD REVIEWS The Largest Auto Flowers on Earth (Poll)

    Hello All, I wanted to get some idea of what people are pulling from there gardens so I am making this thread. I am curious as to your largest yield off a single auto flower. If you were impressed by it, please share the breeder/genetics/methods for growing. Were or are you able to...
  4. Hal 8999

    New Grower What are you looking for?

    Just wondering what motivates other's strain selections most.