1. B

    Growing full plants in tiny pots (coco)

    Hi Everyone. First post here. I'm curious about how small of a pot you have used for coco or any similar substrate. I just finished a grow with .9 gallon (3.45L) floraflex pots and I had plenty of root room. I was planning to use half gallon (1.9L) pots next, but I have an obsession with...
  2. E

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow?

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow? Hey AFN crew, Need your expert outdoor and guerrilla experience. In the tropics, about to start a guerrilla after rainy season. Main thread is here...
  3. KenBacon

    Beginners questions before first grow

    Hi everyone, I have been transfixed as of late with growing my own cannabis, and after reading lots on the internet, I decided to create this tread with some questions I have before starting my very first grow. I will try to give as much info on what I plan to do,and hopefully some of the...
  4. Moonshade

    Live Stoners Maanlicht presents himself (outdoor - Bio Bizz)

    Hello Folks, after a few years of pausing (last grow was in 2011) i restarted summer 2017 a little grow with 3 autoflowers. Full Biobizz line. Textile pots. Feel free to take a look and comment, specificly the people who can read well the state of the leafs...
  5. XxxAuto

    Indoor XxX grows small, BiG and Naughty things...

    Hi.... Stoners :smoking: Like others, i want to continue my future growing in one tread, to make it a little easier for myself, but of course also for you ;) I like too make experiments so beware :) I will complete my existing treads CR7 - Heavyweight, but post the new grow here My tent...
  6. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Pot volume

    Have anyone really investigated the question what are the necessary pot volume? Most people say bigger, the better. I have seen fantastic results in small pots. These plants are fast growers. I think there is a limit for how big pots they can utilise. Harvest will have a second pleasure...
  7. pop22

    The Myth of Drainage Material in Containers

    A discussion of drainage materials in the bottom of autopots, and pots in general, led me to hunt this info as my thoughts on this told me that adding gravel, etc was NOT a good idea. My reasoning proves to be basically right. Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D., Extension Horticulturist and Associate...
  8. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Whats the best pots out there?

    And size. Looking to buy some. All responses are appreciated. Thanks guys!
  9. Johnnybudseed

    Indoor Perfect Pot Size - And what the outcome.

    Hello, I have been wondering really, what is the perfect pot size? will my plants be the right small size if i use a small 1 or 2 gallon pot? Please let me know if you have grown in pot sizes 1 Gal - 5 Gal and the ups and downs. Thanks guys and i hope this is an intriguing thread to elaborate on.