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  1. marilyn monGROW

    New Grower HERE WE GO! first time budget grower

    alright! our son turned 18 and moved across the country and i was thinking of turning his bedroom into a craft room or maybe leave it a guest room, but what do i REALLY want? large amounts of homegrown! i'm BRAND NEW to growing. i mean, i grow some garden veggies out back but i'm not known...
  2. A couple Growers

    Mephisto Genetics Sour Crinkle Small Tent 3 Gallon Airpot General Hydroponics Nutes Mars Hydro LED

    Hello everyone, we are a couple growers. One of us has an alt nick here but is letting us post under one account to keep the clutter down so we know which we are doing together. Our attempt at a grape crinkle did not work out, the seedling died about 5 days after it came to life, it never got...
  3. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seeds in Rapid Rooters / Root Riot in 10x20 tray Transplant into 8 inch net pots with Growstones

    Hello everyone... new to AFN this is my first thread. Please let me know if Im doing something terribly wrong lol :) I had a quick question of transplanting some assorted autos and some Dutch passion think different seeds. In tents...I was thinking about starting some seeds in Root Riot or Rapid...