1. Tmwzrd

    New Grower RDWC Mephisto Walter White

    First thread on AFN! Started my mephisto genetics Walter white today to be ran in a 2 plant RDWC system. They are currently germinating directly in 1.5" rockwool cubes that were soaked in 5.5ph water. Will update once they pop and as they continue to grow!
  2. Boradan

    Indoor Boradans RDWC Photoperiods

    After a few years not growing (and not taking down my tent in the spare bedroom during this time), I got roped back into growing by 'inheriting' 3 photos that had just entered flowering. Managed to finish them even though they were in soil, which I have never used :vibe: Needless to say, this...
  3. Cookies Gelato from RQS

    Cookies Gelato from RQS

    Cookies Gelato: A Mix Between Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33 The more cannabis you smoke, the higher your tolerance becomes. It doesn’t take much for beginners to get stoned. A couple of puffs from a weak strain will do the trick. However, after several years, frequent smokers require stronger...
  4. G

    Nutrients Advanced Nutrients - EC, Cal-Mag, & Bloom Boosters

    Hey all! G-Diddy Dank here... professional cultivator and entrepreneur. I’m new to the community and haven’t been active on forums in almost two decades... but I’m looking forward to kicking some knowledge around as well as learning a thing or two from all of you! I’m about to do my first...
  5. Phobos

    Mephisto Genetics SODK / Hydro greetings

    This is a Happy new Year to all of you post, served with some freshly harvested SODK grown hydroponicaly pictures. It's also a big love post to the Mephisto team. 2 plants, same phenotype. Both 60cm height. Pictures taken when lights off. First harvested plant gave me a solid 60 grams + 5g of...
  6. B

    Grow Mediums Garage RDWC Grow Questions

    Hey All, I am on a quest to grow my own medication. I believe I have gathered enough equipment to get started. Equipment: 4x4 GG Tent AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 Active Aqua Water Chiller1/4 HP General Hydroponics pH Control Kit General...
  7. Anasazi

    Indoor RDWC Mephisto tent.

    Can't believe it's been almost 5 years since my last grow but I'm finally back!!. Got a whole new setup, bigger and better. I went from a 3x3 to a 5x5 tent and now i'm doing 4x 5 gallon buckets. For lighting I have 2 leds, a Spider Farmer 4000 with Samsung lm301b diodes @ 450 true watts, I also...
  8. nullsig

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Genetics AVT RDWC

    30 days growth on AVT using Cyco Platinum series nutrients under custom 2700k COB setup pushing around 200watts. Struggled with humidity too low couldnt get it above 55% rh most of the run
  9. RDWC Day 15 Problems ;(

    RDWC Day 15 Problems ;(

    ^^^ Cool art my gf made for the blog. ;D Sadly I've made some extremely rookie mistakes that I'm hoping I can some what recover from by the end of the grow. I started with my lights waaaaay too high and dimmed waaaaay too much. My babies stretched and even fell over a few times because of it. I...
  10. 5x5 RDWC (LED) + Mephisto Gear

    5x5 RDWC (LED) + Mephisto Gear

    Can't believe it's been over 4 years since my last grow but I'm finally back!!. Got a whole new setup, bigger and better. I went from a 3x3 to a 5x5 tent and now i'm doing 4x 5 gallon buckets. For lighting I have 2 leds, a Spider Farmer 4000 with Samsung lm301b diodes @ 450 true watts, I also...
  11. Zambezi seeds Northern Lights XL Auto

    Zambezi seeds Northern Lights XL Auto

    Hello all! I just started a run for Northern Light Autos and am trying them out in my new RDWC under current system. I am using two 27 gal commander totes connected at the bottom with 2” PVC that leads to an outside res made of a 5 gal commander bucket. There is a 600GPH pump that flows closer...
  12. Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder - Part Deux

    Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder - Part Deux

    Well i had to start a second blog because i can't have more that 25 images in one blog and not sure how to add more to the same blog. First Part here: https://www.autoflower.net/forums/ubs/newbie-first-grow-rdwc-fastbuds-rhino-ryder.179/ End of week 8 May 12. On May 9th they seemed to have...
  13. Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder

    Newbie First Grow - RDWC - FastBuds -Rhino Ryder

    So i figured I'm in week 4 and they haven't died yet so I'll start a grow journal. This is my first time growing. I've done a bit of research and reading and built my own RDWC based off of the Slucket system with Halo's and bubbles. I decided to do two systems, two pods each with controllers...
  14. OttoCBD

    Indoor CBD Crack in Drip/RDWC

    Since the inspiration and motivation for this grow (my first indoor in over 20 years) came from the simplicity of TaNg's now legendary schedule, I thought it would only be right to share the grow here. Those of you familiar with TaNg's schedule know that I'll be using AN nutes. I've tweaked the...
  15. R

    Grow Mediums Maintaining a good ph level in rdwc

    Hi all I have built my own 4 bucket rdwc with an additional bucket acting as a res. I'm busy with my first grow and it's been a constant battle to maintain the ph in the 5.5 to 5.8 range. Any advice or tricks would be appreciated. I am using RO water Growing COP from Durch passion They...
  16. jamaljackson

    Mephisto Genetics First time auto grower. Forum Stomper 4 site RDWC

    I'm about 7 weeks in and have stressed these girls out quite a bit while getting my nutrients right. One of them has really taken off but the other 3 are stout little bushes they have shown pistils but haven't really stretched at all. I'm hoping that changes this week. I feel like this grow is...
  17. Faction

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging, Sour Livers, Fantasmo Express in RDWC

    Hello AFN - I am very new here so please forgive the mistakes I will be making!! This is a journal of my second autoflower grow (quite a bit of photoperiod growing experience). I am growing in a 1.5m x 1.5m tent using a 9 pot RDWC system (urban deepwater culture) and 4 x Grow Northern Telos 008...
  18. Boradan

    Indoor BCN Critical XXL, Critical+2.0, RDWC under COBs

    Time for another run... SETUP: Mars Hydro 4x4 tent RAM 4" Extractor with Carbon Filter Inkbird Temperature Controller Inkbird Humidity Controller 2 x Temperature Controllers attached to 2x 50W Aquarium Heaters for the Reservoirs RAM Humidifier 1500 Watt Oil Radiator 1 x BOYU Low Noise Air Pump...
  19. Boradan

    Seed Stockers Boradan's easy (HA!) RDWC Blackberry Gum with tea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    After having to terminate my Seedstockers Battle plant due to it being a mutant :poof:, I decided to spend a few days fixing a few issues I had come across with my system: I didn't like the clear airlines letting light into the tank, so I have replaced them with black ones. I had to turn my...
  20. Poseidon

    Indoor White Widow Auto

    WWA Spring Grow. RDWC in Cocotek plus Perlite. Quantum BadBoy T5 running Eye PowerVeg 400 series and full sun/UVA UVB. Will switch to 600 series (reds) at bloom and cut in two- 100 watt Bridgelux Strips I built. Grow Name - Calypso