red poison

  1. Only1Sky

    Sweet Seeds Red Poison & Devil Cream (Only1Sky)

    I just can't resist, gotta try some of the tantalizing strains received as part of prize winnings (many thanks to @Sweet Seeds Jay & @Sweet Seeds Apolo). This time it will be RED POISON and DEVIL CREAM. :biggrin: My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Lights: Amare SolarSpec...
  2. Sweet Seeds Jay

    Sweet Seeds Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® [New2019]

    Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® Our first red-flowered photoperiod-dependent strain. This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39) and a photoperiod-dependent elite clone of Tangie (California Orange x Skunk hybrid) from a rare and unusual purple-flowered...
  3. J

    Indoor Sweet Seeds Variety Grow

    Space: 8'x16' Lights: 5 x Illumitex NeoSol DS 520 Watt Light Schedule: 20/4 Base: Promix HP Nutrients: Sensi Bloom A&B and full AN nutrient line Containers: 5 gallon Airpots Seeds: 3 x Dark Devil, 3 x Red Poison, 4 x Big Devil XL, 4 x Cream Manderine XL, 3 x Jack 47, and 3 x Killer Kush -...
  4. G

    Outdoor Different Sweet and Dinafem auto seeds at lat.59n

    Hello This is my third year of outdoor growing. Earlier I have grown Low ryder and Ak 47 auto, but mainly Low ryders. Low ryder grow very well at this latitude, but it is not very strong. So this year I want to try some different strains. Hopefully some of the will grow big too. The choice fell...
  5. shumway

    Sweet Seeds Red Poison

    Last lady in the tent so figured i'd document the rest of her journey. Haven't really been keeping track of her picture wise or anything as was caught up with my other plants and dealing with defs and soil issues but i got the soil in check for this little lady and shes happy and showing me the...
  6. Sweet Seeds

    Sweet Seeds Photographic Contest ⊶ Sweet Seeds + AFN ⊷ November 2016

    :weed::weed::weed::weed::weed: Photographic Contest ★ November 2016 ★ Monthly photographic competition in which we award the 3 best pictures among all the pictures presented by any user of the Sweet Seeds subforum at :wiz: How to Participate + Contest Rules 1...
  7. Bum

    Indoor Multistrain grow in Coco!

    Just got another order off from Attitude and im planning on growing one of each this time. I paid for total 14 seeds and got another 10 fems in freebies, thats awesome imho. Not sure yet if i'll put them in my 120x120 tent or build them a tray and just keep them in the open room where the...
  8. R

    Sweet Seeds Sweet seeds red family ....need help people !!!!!!

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie grower I have a 1.2 x 1.2 space a 600w hps with cooltube and 2 mars hydro 300w panels 6 inch rhino filter and a 4 inch intake , was thinking king of running 9 in 15 l smart pots following tangs advanced nutrients schedule as I see this works very well for him , just...