1. Newtoautogrow

    Nutrients Velokelp for auto seedlings??

    I'm staring a new grow soon with autos in 22lr air pots and I want to maximise the size of the question is how soon can I give them velokelp to help root development.. Can I give velokelp on the first watering?... If so How much? Help is much appreciated ✌️✌️
  2. B

    Grow Mediums Autopot socks - roots

    hi people All three of my plants have exposed roots through the autopot socks Thought these were designed so they can’t escape Example below Anyone else had this.?
  3. MassMom

    Grow Mediums Autopot Copper disk, up, down, in tray, in pot...Im confused!!!! :-)

    I am confused. Someone please help out a mom. One video says place the copper root control disk side down in the pot. The other one says place it copper side up in the tray????? :dizzy: Also, what is this black matrix disk in video #2? I never got those in my kit. Video says it keeps soil from...
  4. Roll-itt

    New Grower (Biggest auto)?? First time dr krip choc- orange bubbleponics grow.

    Hello everyone. Iv been wanting to share my grow journal with you all. It's been a tricky stressful road. But I think it's starting to pay off.. . I'm not sure how to start really. But. Here she is. Dr krippling chocolate orange auto, day 84 Through bubbleponics.
  5. Master_Roachi

    Root Aphids? Mites? Help ID please.

    Been having tons of issues over the past few months in increasing amounts. Finally found a possible cause today. I usually use fabric pots, this is the first time I have used plastic with exposed soil/roots on the bottom. I cannot find anything on the surface of my pots, any of them. Just the...
  6. C

    New Grower post harvest root exam

    just finished my first harvest and was wondering what others opinions are with regards to the roots. Do these pics show rootbound? Does there appear to be anything wrong with the roots at all? Was also wondering if the soil is ok to reuse as is. Most of the roots stayed together and there is...
  7. P J

    Glands on roots, problem or not?

    I was just harvesting some plants and half of them had gland like things at about 2mm diamètre on roots, other half of plants did not have any. All from the same strain and all performed well. And no root rot, all roots were nice and white Does that indicate anything or not? Thank you all in advance
  8. derek420colorado

    Grow Mediums A Must Read for All DWC Growers! Increase your Yields and Get more AIR!!!

    So it seems that there has been quite the explosion in interest when it comes to folks doing DWC(deep water culture) growing. I have been growing in DWC for close to 10 years now and the reason I have chosen to stay with that method is because it is the most effective way to deliver O2(oxygen)...
  9. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Amino acids in the rhiozpher - refereces

    here is a number of abstracts from American Journal of Botany regarding amino acids and he microbal life in the root zone.
  10. Ronin

    Old Reviews O.G. Tea Veganic Special Sauce

    Just wanted to post this product to let my fellow AFN members know about it.:pass: O.G Tea Veganic Special Sauce is a no brew microbe tea. Great for keeping the root zone healthy and inoculated with some of the beneficial microbes plants need when growing. I personally add 1tsp per gallon to my...