sea grow

  1. bassboy

    Nutrients Back on the chaingang

    I have been away from farming for a bit and am wondering what the fellas are doing for flower ferts. Is anyone still using Sea Grow 4-26-26? I had fantastic results with Mars 1600 led and ff of and happy frog soil with the Sea Grow products and botanicare calmag
  2. Vedder6.0

    Old Reviews sea grow shelf life?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if sea grow (or any fert for that matter) has a shelf life? i basically bought a couple things of sea grow buckets that i havent gone thru yet, but both of these were purchased years ago i realized. just seeing if I can still feed my plants with some fet purchased...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Dinafem SoH tests Dinafem Industrial Plant CBD and Haze Auto CBD

    Good evening everyone! I'll be a doing a test grow with beans very generously and graciously donated on behalf of @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem, which I'd like to thank again for the opportunity and privilege! I have never smoked a high CBD strain before let alone grow one, so this is going to be...
  4. K

    New Grower My second grow- Barneys Farm L.S.D and Nirvana Aurora Indica

    :vibe:Captains Bong- 9/21/15- Second Grow is officially underway, I have decided to do 1 Barney's Farm L.S.D and 1 Nirvana Aurora Indica, both are photo's and this should be a great adventure. I just dropped them in their respective containers for the 12hr soak or until they sink, then I will...