1. riggosbuds

    Riggosbuds seed co.

    All the latest and greatest in Riggosbuds genetics (DISCLAIMER RIGGOSBUDS IS A STARTUP SEED VENDER)
  2. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Seed Company ongoing Promo's

    Hi guys, gals, Most of you will probably not be looking at our website every day/week, nor will most of you be subscribed to our newsletter, which is totally fine ofc. But this way it is evident you are missing out on some of the promo's that we run on the website. That's why we want to share...
  3. Sawney_bean

    Indoor SAWNEY BEAN. Pssst! Over here.
    Threadmarks: SAWNEY BEAN . Breeder . Cross strain specialist.

    This is where I will post all my content.
  4. F1 small lecter.

    F1 small lecter.

    small lecter for breeding into my small fast collection
  5. Annibale Seedshop

    Live Stoners New Italian Seedbank & Growshop - Annibale Seedshop

    Hi to all Autoflower lovers! We are a new Italian growshop and seedbank. open since 2020, we make genetics and resell seeds from over 40 international seed banks, with worldwide shipping at a special price! We are geneticists and researchers of the best Cannabis quality, with over 10 years of...
  6. Final strains

    Final strains

    New F1 cross strains . White kush . a cross between my strawberry kush and chem . Purple AK . a cross between pmr and AK. Blue Cookie's a cross between blueberry and Cookie's . Blue kush . a cross between my strawberry kush and blueberry. Also Pure vanilla Pure AK Pure purple Pure blue. Pure...
  7. Seed production .

    Seed production .

    Day one of treatment.
  8. A week or so into seed production

    A week or so into seed production

    Six originals with a few cross strain's.
  9. T


  10. B

    Indoor How can a female from a feminized seed not reverse?

    So I have a question regarding Auto's that won't reverse. I have a Quebec Seed Co - Auto Bruce Banner that I've tried to reverse three times with various combinations of STS, CS (both store bought and homemade) with no success. They do NOT produce sacs. The plant just grows and produces white...
  11. The Vault

    Win a 5 pack of Female Seeds in this weeks Vault Promotion

    Hi All Gary Eff here with this weeks Vault promo' - read on to get involved... We like to put the spotlight on some of our regular supporters of The Vault so this time around we are checking out our friends at Female Seeds. Read all about them and the seeds in the blog post - in the...
  12. S

    Which container to best keep seeds

    Hi! So this is not a question about Freezers or dark and cool places to keep seeds. I might want to go beyond ziplocks as my storage container for seeds as I live in a place where electricity goes on and off and the seeds in my fridge might suffer from sudden temperature changes or humidity...
  13. Cannakisses

    Stardawg auto

    afternoon, Not been on here for a while, anyway judt ordered some beans from grizzly, got 5 stardawg autos by fastbuds, also got 1 auto mazar and 1 auto og kush both by bakery Boys as freebies. Anyway anyone grew the dawg whats you opinions, soak me in your knowledge please
  14. MasterTarzan

    Is there a Runtz Autoflower

    I really like runtz but haven’t found any in autos. Do they exist?
  15. CanadianStorm

    Pure Ukrainian Ruderalis landrace.

    Sup guys! So yeah , it's that time of the season ^_^ I've decided to certify my pure ukrainian rudys The seeds were planted approximatively 20 days ago. here is the grow journal of a canadian adventurer! Today I've noticed the babies were getting a little pale so Ive decided to get that Plagron...
  16. PotDaddy

    Lets see your Seed collection

    Lets see what you got?
  17. Parent Re-Veg - Part 2.

    Parent Re-Veg - Part 2.

    Parent Re-Veg - Part 2. It takes a few weeks, but eventually you start to get some decent growth. Once it begins, then it starts to get quicker. I feed half measure of grow every other feed (soil), and some root stim. Weird growth will continue for a while, but patience... ...Then...
  18. Hemposapien

    How to properly produce Feminized Autoflowering Seeds?

    High y'all! I am loving the autoflowers but the seeds are the biggest ongoing cost which really frustrates me. I have found a few links about how to produce photoperiod feminized seeds but none relating to autoflowers. If anyone has a link that could assist me or even direct hands on...
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    Fast Buds AFN Xmas Promo 2019
  20. T

    Seedbank recommendations?

    I ordered from CropKing for my first run. No issues with them. I was told they don't have the best phenotype though. Any suggestions?