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  1. Amnesia auto (Canuk seeds), unknown autos from shortstuff seed mix pack

    Amnesia auto (Canuk seeds), unknown autos from shortstuff seed mix pack

    Organic outdoor. 1st grow in 20 years. 1st time outdoors. Used sunshine mix #4, mixed in manure, along with time released organic fertilizers (containing bone meal, blood meal, humic acid etc.) They get about 7 hrs. full sun/day Started 10 unknown autos (from mixed pack) at end of May...
  2. KushNFT

    Indoor Shortstuff Seeds Auto Gorilla OG x Tha Shiznit and Auto Gorilla OG x Auto Purple Amnesia Test Thread

    I have been asked by ShortStuff to test these new crosses and I know they have sent some out to other growers on here so I thought I would start a test thread which anyone can join when they are ready. Apparently these 2 crosses are completely untested and are fresh from the breeding room so...
  3. Vimto101

    Live Stoners First AFN led grow log! dp white widow

    My first ever AFN grow journal I have done 2 grows in the past but not anything special no nutes and 6plants sharing 180w haha XD! This grow will be a 5x5 tent 5gal air pots All mix soil with added perlite 5inch inline intake fan Rhino pro carbon filter Marshydro 400w led Bud booster 180w led...
  4. NoRobo

    Indoor Mostly Pink Grapefruit with some nice Tha Shiznit

    Setup: 8x4 tent 4 x 300w Marshydro Some fans A little duhumidifier 18/6 all the way through Super soil with Roots organic and Oregons only organic #4 as the base. 3 gal smart pots 3 day home brew worm tea; worm castings with myco added, organic blackstrap molasses as the activator...
  5. Ronin

    Indoor Purple Amnesia

    Welcome to my Auto Purple Amnesia grow. I'd like to start off by thanking Jim at Dope Seeds and Muddy here at AFN for this opportunity. Here's the info on the strain: Auto Purple Amnesia Genetic makeup - diesel/amnesia haze x critical+ indica/sativa - 50/50 Size - Medium to large, plants...
  6. Ronin

    Indoor Auto Big Gun and Auto Yeti in RoninGarden

    Welcome to my Auto Big Gun and Auto Yeti grow. These ladies have been underway for some time now. I wasn't able to do a full on grow log due to time limitations. However I will be posting weekly photo updates for the remainder of the grow. Just had to share these fine ladies. Let's get to some...
  7. Ronin

    Indoor Auto Spanish Diesel

    Welcome to my Auto Spanish Diesel grow. Again I'd like to thank Jim @ Dope Seeds and Muddy for making this possible. Here is the info for the strain: Auto Spanish Diesel Genetic makeup - Diesel/Amnesia haze - indica/sativa - 40/60 Size - Medium to large, Likes to branch out in a christmas...
  8. Ronin

    Indoor Auto Bud Cannon

    Welcome to my Auto Bud Cannon grow. Again, I'd like to thank Jim from Dope Seeds and Short Stuff for this opportunity. Here is some info about the strain. Strain: Auto Bud cannon Genetic makeup - critical/ak47 - indica/sativa - 35/65 Size - Medium to large, plants can surpass 1.2m indoor...
  9. Ronin

    Indoor Auto Pink Grapefruit

    Welcome to the Auto Pink Grapefruit grow in RoninGarden. I'd like to start by saying thanks to Jim at Dope Seeds and Muddy for making this possible. Here is the info that we were supplied on this strain. Strain: Auto Pink Grapfruit Genetic makeup - Blueberry/Ak47/diesel - indica/sativa -...