Shortstuff Seeds Auto Gorilla OG x Tha Shiznit and Auto Gorilla OG x Auto Purple Amnesia Test Thread


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Dec 26, 2015
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I have been asked by ShortStuff to test these new crosses and I know they have sent some out to other growers on here so I thought I would start a test thread which anyone can join when they are ready.

Apparently these 2 crosses are completely untested and are fresh from the breeding room so they have no idea how they will perform but think with the genetic mix going into them that there should be some pretty tasty offspring.

They both sound amazing. Tha shiznit has a very strong background. And purple amnesia also sounds great. Throw a heavy dose of gorilla OG got damn I'm gonna go broke buying seeds.
Nice one guys. I'm putting these ones at the head of the queue too:pighug:


Might be a few weeks before I can fit them in though as I'm thinking one of each under a 600W and try to bend them about a net to try to keep the height in check.

Something along the lines of my Auto Purple Amnesia and Auto Pink Grapefruit grow would work for me.....


APA left and APG right in the above old pic......never grown a Shiznit but I think it's more famous for it's fat buds than APG so will be real interested to see how that goes.

Okay, got my seeds and will look at running three of one strain this grow. Then turn around and do three of the other, haven't decided which ones first.

I expect begin somewhere around November 1st Thru the 15th depending on how my Dinafem grow finishes out.

Where I'm currently growing
Where I'll be Nov 1st
Wow great news.. I'll tag along and observe the progress of your grow, (if I may) and look forward to learning a few things along the way [emoji4]

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Good Luck ... nice crosses ;) Smoking pure Gorilla OG atm so good :cheers:

the GOG x Shiznit gonna be the yielder imo ... but GOG x P Ammesa ....

damn i wanna smoke that !!:pass: