1. C

    Bruce banner General questions

    Hello! This is my third post about this particular plant, my first grow. Bruce banner auto from rocket seeds, in a 5 gal. Fabric with FFOF. shes been on a steady crash course and nothing is helping her, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong. The middle leaves are starting to go very pale with purple...
  2. C

    Possibly over watered bruce banner??

    9 week mark of Bruce banner auto from rocket seeds. no bud formation noticed yet, idk if that’s normal for this plant or not. Growing in FFOF only recently started using some 2-8-4 1/2 strength in tap. Also started using some light cal mag. I think my soil runoff is slightly alkaline, I can get...
  3. N

    Whats happening to my lil one?

    This plant is almost 3 weeks old. It has been growing very slowly and started getting dry at the end of the first set of leaves and then the dark spots started 2 days ago. I am lightly watering it and I don't know what's going on. Using FF Happy frog and perlite with no extra nutrients at the...
  4. P

    Half of my plant is dying

    Does anyone know why my plant seems to be dying in one side only???
  5. G

    First timer trying to learn,

    Hi all, As the title implys i am a first timer and looking to learn from mistakes. My first auto lady seems to not be doing to well and I'm looking for advice on how to avoid a misshap like this again form below for info and a quick pic for identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Luketheduke

    Any ideas?

    I havent had any issues with this batch until now. All the other seeds were germed and planted the same method and are all doing fine. Whats going on with this one?
  7. P

    Yellowing leaves week 7

    Hi everyone, I'm getting a bit worried about my girls. Think different and Auto Mazar both in week 7. 2x2 tent In canna terra pro soil plus 30% perlite. Both were very healthy up to week 6 when I switched to hps 600w. Had some heat issues but under control now. I've been feeding fairly...
  8. T

    Help ! Mystery strains mystery sickness

    So these 2 mystery autos are outdoors uk, in soil and fed on a mix of homemade organics and chem boosters. This has been a quick and budget grow which I'll fill everyone in about on my next grow diary. The pics are of both plants as they are both showing symptoms
  9. G

    New Grower Little help please

    Hi guys! My plants are yellowing a little at tips of new growth (pic 3) and one is also showing some purple/red?(pic 2) Also why does new growth look so week and curly? (Pic 1) What could be causing this please? I'm in soil (biobizz light mix with some additional perlite) Temp ranges between 18c...
  10. Newtoautogrow

    Do my seedlings look okay??!?!?

    Sup guys my seedlings are about 5 days old... (from first true leaves) and they don't look right... 20-4 lighting 600w hps 25°---45-65%...20lr air pots.. And just been using pH water at 6.5.. Also using light mix soil (orange bud auto)
  11. sasassd

    Seedlings are growing very slowly

    Hi All, I have some Auto seedlings growing very slowly and cannot figure out what the problem is. The setup is 80% RH at 23 degrees celcius. The tent is 120cm x 120cm and am using a KIND LED 600 watt light, about 50cm above the seedlings. I spray water on the seedlings so they are not...
  12. Q

    Nutrient burn/toxicity on my Amnesia (first time grow)

    Hello Community, my plants are in their 7th week and I assume that they could have a nutrient burn. Some tips of their leaves turned brown and the color of the plants in overall is really dark green. As they might be at the beginning of their flower-state, I´m really afraid of them beeing...
  13. P

    3 week old NL seedling looking unhealthy?

    Hey guys, First time grower here. My 22 day old auto northern light seedling seems to have slowed down on its growth and the leaves are turning lime green in the past week. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. R

    White Widow, getting sick?

    First WW auto growth, growing in normal soil, I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the little girl, tried a few nutrient boosters because I first thought she had too little K, but didn't seem to help. So now I turn to you guys in hope you can spot my mistake. Thanks ahead of time for...
  15. iWumbo

    Do these look healthy

    Problem: Twisted looking leafs on seedlings and yellowing tips on older growth of clone Medium/grow method: fox farms ocean forest for the seedlings and some 99 cent store soil for the clone Feed: and supplements used: no feed or nutes used water source: bottled r-o water which i think has ph...
  16. M

    Need help what's wrong with my autos

    My autos are between 13 and 16 days old and the leaves on some are yellowing and I need help with diagnosis. I am feeding then 1/2 tsp of grow big fox farm and if they can handel it 2 to 3 tsp next feeding I usually water with food every other time like stated on the food chart . I just really...
  17. OttoMich

    First Grow 2 sick plants. Boody Skunk Sweet Cheese

    Ive got a Bloody skunk that has always been very light green from sprout. Growth hasnt been stunted but it is quite spindly. After they showed sex and began to flower i started to see rust spots appear. The bloody skunk is the middle center. Yesterday i noticed my sweet cheese to the right...
  18. 7

    New Grower Weird discoloration on my leaves someone help?

    Not exactly sure what's wrong with her I need some help Buddha seeds autoflower 300 watt led Fox farms ocean forest Fox farms trio Cal mag
  19. G

    Please Help!! Flowering issues!

    Hello, I planted my northern lights auto seeds that I purchased about 80 days ago, (11 weeks). It's been in flower for at least three weeks now, and I'm getting pretty worried. The entire grow has been fairly slow, but right now the buds are not even close to being as big as they should be for...
  20. G

    Phosphorus Deficiency?! NEED HELP!

    HEY EVERYONE, I have a plant that's been a slow grower from the start. Planted in happy frog mixed with perlite and dolomite lime. The pH ended up being really low (4.7ish) so last week I added hydrated lime and the last runoff reading was done about two days ago. It was 5.7 so the extra lime...