1. C

    Grow Mediums Using front row ag + impello dune (silica) and my lines clogg

    Hey everybody, I had a weird thing happen with my autopots. The trays drained completely, and they didn’t refill. I thought maybe my filter or something was clogged.. that wasn’t the case. There was a bit of stuff in the filter, but I rinsed it out. I turned the valve back on, and nothing filled...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Harvest Gold Silica Q3 Communal Product Test Thread

    Hey everyone it sounds like the majority of the product testers have received their silica from @HarvestGoldSilica , so we've agreed to do a big communal product test thread for the testing and will share in the experience and results together! Appreciate everyone that is taking part in the...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Harvest Gold Silica - Welcome & Contact Info

    Harvest Gold Silica Hey everyone we would like to announce and welcome the addition of Harvest Gold Silica into our performance test program! Harvest Gold Silica makes a dry silica sand product to help provide silica benefits to plants during growing! Information: Name of Company: Harvest...
  4. P J

    Indoor Airpot,smart pot or normal pot? AN or DP?

    I need your help again guys I have 6*1000 MH that i change to HPS during flower, a very strong air conditioner, ph measuring devices, 2 oscilating fans. I mostly plant AutoUltimate in soil mix (hand made as i cant find any good premix where i live and cant buy 50*20L of premix by mail order for...
  5. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower SiO2 supplement?

    Anyone using silica supplement to strenghten the plants?