1. O

    Grow Mediums Fabric Pots-Smart Pots For 2.2-3.9 Gal AutoPots?

    Any help much appreciated, Anyone use a specific size or have a link to something. Seems Autopot is clever with the pot size they use as its not a very available size about 7.75" Square. I know they have the smart pot systems but I already have a lot of these systems.
  2. LordGreenWood

    Mephisto Genetics First timer with Mephisto :)

    Heya , trying some Mephisto seeds :d5: atm GWK :d5: in 10l smartpot with coco , vegged under cob , now under mars hydro pro 2 160 :pass: tent is 90*60*1.80 :pass: the lady is now 50 cm in height en width :bighug: day 37 , that was yesterday :pass::bighug::pass:
  3. iman

    Grow Mediums Pot size/type

    Hi guys, just done my first grow in 120x120 (4x4ft) tent. I did 4x autos (fast and Vast) and there was loads of room left in tent. These were in 22 litre air pots which might be too big. Was thinking of doing 6 plants this time, maybe 7 I’ll see what I can propagate as lost a lot. Could I get...
  4. 4tokin

    Indoor 4t's 4sq ft

    Hi Everyone. Welcome to my first grow thread. I have been growing for a long time but have never documented a grow before. So here goes. OK. My latest cabinet is 2x2 hence my 4sq ft. I am downsizing from my last cabinet. Lighting this box I have 4 CXB 3590s putting out upto 200w. 50w/sq ft...
  5. Bjammin

    New Grower Air Pot verse Smart Pots verse Regular pots, hell any pot!

    What is your favorite pot to grow your Auto please include size and why you like it so much. I need help deciding. Thank you!
  6. Terra Firma

    Lighting Terra's Azarius Auto White LST trial grow

    Hi fellow growers, I received some free autoflower seeds with an order I placed at the Azarius webshop. The seeds are their home brand and called Auto White. I planted 3 seeds in one 16L smartpot, and am going to use LST to form a nice even canopy. Day 1 was the 1st of January. I'll be growing...