sour hound

  1. Puffingpat

    Indoor Cosmic queen sour hound and SODK

    Cosmic queen in 5 gallon smartphone with Mephisto supersoil amendments Took 48 hours to germinate and 24 to break the soil. Also have SODK in 5 gal and sour hound in a 3 gallon. All with mephisto super soil amendment in bottom half of pots.
  2. derek420colorado

    Mephisto Genetics Sour hound Smoke Review

    SeedBank: Mephisto Strain: Sour hound Did it autoflower: Y day 18 ish Soil/hydro: Soil. Organic Kindsoil Nutes: all organic water and some basic aact's Description Oh my god this is some of the best smoke ever. Very potent and that is sayin something due to me having one of the highest...
  3. derek420colorado

    Mephisto Genetics Dream Farm Report: Mephisto Edition V 2.0

    Well folks after a couple of month hiatus I am back at it and rockin out all the mephisto gear I can! First off for those wondering where I went. I had two huge set backs killing 100 plants total. It was devastating to say the least. On top of having to take care of legal troubles, and finding...
  4. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Sour Hound Round 2

    Miss Sour Hound met the blade today:tang: Day 62. Container: 2 gallon red bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707 Lights: HPS/LED @18/6 Nutrients: General Organics 21"/53.3cm tall I'll post some dried/cured bud shots once ready. Thanks for stopping by!:cheers:
  5. Ronin

    Photography Mephisto Sour Hound

    @mephisto Sour Hound day 79. Chop day:tang: Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: coco coir Lights: mix of Chinese sun @18/6 Nutrients: Vegamatrix 15" tall from rim of Airpot I'll end this with an outdoor shot. Good day all:bong:
  6. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics Ain't nothin but a Sour Hound.

    Well two actually lol 1 popped it's head up today and I'm sure the other is close behind. Both are in 15L Airpots filled with Plagron Light soil,I will feed one my usual Advanced Nutrients schedule and the other will get the eco schedule the a White Train is getting in this thread...