1. DarKnight

    StarRyder ® grown in soil medium amended with perlite

    StarRyder® grown in soil amended with perlite. Well water with fish emulsion added as a fertilizer at each watering.
  2. Hues

    StarRyder Smoke Report

    Hi folks! It's been a while but i am back with the smoke report of my latest grow... finally :toke: link: Strain: StarRyder Did it autoflower?: Y / N Soil/hydro: Soil 2 gallon airpot with Biobizz Light Mix Nutes: Advanced...
  3. Hues

    Just StarRyder

    whats up everyone, started the third grow as my current think different journey is getting close to the end.. i’ll be running StarRyder this time and i hope that i can learn a lot from it. the setup is as follows: Space: 2x2x5 DR60 Light: Mars Hydro Reflector 48(5), lots of cfl & 135w no-name...
  4. TaNg

    GrowNorthern LED TaNgs StarRyder and Auto Frisian Dew.

    Hi guys I started these a couple of weeks ago, both DP autos...a StarRyder and a Auto Frisian Dew. My last StarRyder had a lovely pink hue when finished and the Frisian Dew should colour so it could be a pretty bloom. Set up is.... 15L Aipots. Plagron Light soil. Advanced Nutrients. First 40...