1. DarKnight

    Dutch Passion StarRyder ® grown in soil medium amended with perlite

    StarRyder® grown in soil amended with perlite. Well water with fish emulsion added as a fertilizer at each watering.
  2. Hues

    Dutch Passion StarRyder Smoke Report

    Hi folks! It's been a while but i am back with the smoke report of my latest grow... finally :toke: link: Strain: StarRyder Did it autoflower?: Y / N Soil/hydro: Soil 2 gallon airpot with Biobizz Light Mix Nutes: Advanced...
  3. Hues

    Dutch Passion Just StarRyder

    whats up everyone, started the third grow as my current think different journey is getting close to the end.. i’ll be running StarRyder this time and i hope that i can learn a lot from it. the setup is as follows: Space: 2x2x5 DR60 Light: Mars Hydro Reflector 48(5), lots of cfl & 135w no-name...
  4. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs StarRyder and Auto Frisian Dew.

    Hi guys I started these a couple of weeks ago, both DP autos...a StarRyder and a Auto Frisian Dew. My last StarRyder had a lovely pink hue when finished and the Frisian Dew should colour so it could be a pretty bloom. Set up is.... 15L Aipots. Plagron Light soil. Advanced Nutrients. First 40...