stealth growing

  1. The Indian in the Cupboard Stealth Grow

    The Indian in the Cupboard Stealth Grow

    Hey guys, I’m new here and this will be my first official run. I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I got into growing because I found a bag seed of 24k Gold from the dispensary and next thing I knew; I was $500 deep into my set up and super passionate about it. I had no idea what I was...
  2. bichon+buzz

    Indoor Bichon_Buzz's ongoing wardrobe grows

    Hi Folks, I'll be using this thread to document the grows I'm doing in my wardrobe. A little background first: While I've been a smoker for years, it was the onset of my wife's chronic pain condition and the relief provided by weed that led me to exploring the option of growing our own rather...
  3. Project Kubus

    Grow Room My Smart Micro Grow Box: 2016 update

    Hi all, In 2015 I posted that after 10 years I was looking to get back in the game with some autofem's (thread link). Things have been moving quite slowly as trying to jam a grow room in a tiny box has quite a number of challenges, but we are getting closer to an actual product. What we set up...
  4. SpaghettiSauce

    Grow Room Micro Grow à la Spaghetti Sauce

    Hello AFN! Thank you for the warm welcomes. This community is without a doubt my number one choice to start my journal. I'm 28 yrs old living in Florida, USA. Working on my first "stealth grow." I will be asking lots of questions and looking for opinions here for the next few months as I start...
  5. C

    Indoor Building 3 plant box for the first time, need some help :)

    hi all, I'm planing to build small, 3 plant, box! I have a peace of furniture 110x60x30cm 10x25cm carbon filter with built in turbine at the top HPS Light 400w small rotating fan and just a couple of holes at the bottom (no in-take fan) do you think this will fit in 110x60x30cm box? do you...
  6. GoAuto6

    Indoor Dragon's The Next Generation

    With the dawn of the Bean Company and the new building comes a new thread for 2015's new creations.And the classics!