1. VitaMan

    LSD-25 Fast Buds

    VitaMan submitted a new Showcase Item: Lsd-25 Fast Buds Read more about this showcase item here...
  2. C

    ChillFreds Perpetual Cannabis Adventure

    HEY and WELCOME to my little corner here at AFN! I decided that I wanted to have one "homethread" and since i recently had to abandon my plans of having an outdoor/greenhouse garden this year, i realize my perpetual thread is best suited in the indoor section. I grow in a small cabinet...
  3. Mossy

    Halloween Seed Promotions

    If you see any Halloween Promotions or discounts post them here...:thumbsup: Stone @ Autoflower-portal is our First.. Autoflower Portal Seeds Halloween Promo 22 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER EVERY PACK FROM OUR COLLECTIONS ONLY £35 7 FEMINISED SEEDS OR 15 REGULAR SEEDS per pack FREE SHIPPING...