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  1. parsing_trees

    White Pepper
    Threadmarks: Day 17: All aboard!

    Day 17: All aboard! After a several-month hiatus for work on my house, I've got another grow in motion. The tents have been set up for a few weeks, but since contractors have still been dropping in without warning it was strictly peppers and tomatoes. Once the nights are consistently warmer...
  2. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's Grow #2

    Getting ready for Grow #2. The Sweet Seeds are soaking, and I'm running around like the Mad Hatter trying to get Campus ready for the new intake of students. Currently in the water are; 4 x Cream Mandarine XL AUTO 4 x Sweet Trainwreck AUTO 4 x Green Poison AUTO 3 x Cream Mandarine AUTO 1 x...