sweet trainwreck

  1. blue

    Sweet Seeds SWEET SEEDS MAY GIVE-AWAY 2019

    <<< Sweet Seeds Give-Away Extravaganza For May 2019 >>> Our wonderful friends Sweet Seeds are offering a pack of FREE seeds to All AFN members who have already completed a Documented Sweet Seeds grow here at AFN!! :worship: All you have to do to qualify, is to be able to provide a link to...
  2. Only1Sky

    Sweet Seeds SweetSeeds Palooza: Trainwreck, Nurse CBD, Big Devil XL, Cream Caramel

    Hi Folks, this started as a modest effort to grow out another Trainwreck. Being that its one of my wife's favorites and that my last Trainwreck grow, harvested in mid-March, had a somewhat disappointing yield (just 69 grams), I figured that I better get busy and see if I could improve on my...
  3. pop22

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Trainwreck

    SeedBank : Sweet Seeds Strain: Sweet Trainwreck Did it autoflower?: Y Soil/hydro: Hydro - coco in 3.9 gallon autopots Nutes: Grow More Seagrow 16-16-16 Light (kind and schedule): Sunspect 600 watt LED ( 285 watts actual )x2 24/7 for thirty days, then 20/4 From seed to harvest date...
  4. sniper

    Indoor Sniper's New Hide

    What's up folks been a while since I ran some autos so I built a new box still a work in progress but close enough to done to start a grow So here's what I did I boxed in an area with a fully plumbed kitchen sink so no more worries about run off :D what I ended up with is a 24w x 52L x 60h...
  5. X

    Grow Mediums First DWC grow - Full Advanced Nutrients lineup

    Hello! Would you like to see what I have been preparing? Please, come in. http://i64.tinypic.com/etckdd.jpg I have 2x2x2 tent with LED lights, 11 oxypots and also one extra for switching pots. I will be adding a silencer to the exhaust fan tubing to combat airflow sound. I'm also going to add...