1. Plenty420

    AF and wattage

    Hey folks I'm a first time AF grower, although I've got quite a lot of experience with regular plants. Does anyone have recommendations and/or a progressive wattage timetable or schedule for AF's? I'm running an HLG 550 R-spec V2 with the 30 Watt UVA bar. Now in week three I dimmed it up to...
  2. Mr Chewbaca Himself

    Soil/Coco temps

    I have an AF in a 3 gallon fabric pot. My coco temp is right at 50F. The tent temp is 78-80F and the humidity is 50% or less. I'm suddenly concerned that my soil temp is too low. Im just entering week 6 so the lower temp isn't as concerning (she's starting to really flower). But looking...
  3. Laserawesome88

    Lighting Expert question about LEDs and optimal temperature

    So yesterday, I stopped by my local hydro shop to pick up some supplies and ran into a guy who was just going on and on about his grow and how his plants can “kick anyone else’s ass.” *eyeroll* . I noticed that he was buying one of those Exhale CO2 packs, and I asked him if he thought they...
  4. Laserawesome88

    Questions about switching from 24/0 to 18/6 and RH/Temp

    Hi Everyone- first time grower here. I have two plants both on day 29 and they are doing well so far. Any advice for the issues below would be very very appreciated! My lighting schedule has been 24/0 since sprout under a Mars TS600 with no problems maintaining temp at 25c and and humidity from...
  5. Meowza

    Can’t keep humidity up

    Hey everyone, I’m 1 week in to my first grow and I’m having some trouble balancing temperature and humidity in my 4x4 tent. If I leave the tent closed with all the vent holes open and my tiny inlet fan running and the closet door closed humidity stays above 70% but temps can get over 90F. If I...
  6. Newtoautogrow


    sup guys so I've ran I to another problem... My set up is the attic at 18/6... When the lights are on I'm getting 25°-28°...when the lights are off I'm getting as low as 12°...i have a 45w tube heater going in there.... When the lights go off the exhaust fan also turns off to try keep heat in...
  7. T

    Grow Room My fan is too powerful on low setting

    I got a Vivosun 6” inline variable speed fan for my 4x4x7 tent. It would be perfect if the tent wasn’t in the garage. Even on low it’s dropping the temp too much. Can I hook up another speed controller to it? Or should I just get a smaller fan? The 6” will be great in the summertime but right...
  8. Tyler_Durden88

    Old Reviews Sensor push grow room monitor

    I got my sensor push today and am glad I made this purchase. Now I can monitor my yemp and humidity anywhere in have Wi-Fi. It logs all the data and I can see a graph on the fluctuations for both temp and humidity. Also I set high and low limits for both and it will send me a alert if either...
  9. D

    Indoor 600 watt led grow tent tempature

    Anybody know what tempature a 600 watt led grow tent should be at? All stages would be nice, if not seedling to start off would be great. Thank you!
  10. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seedling Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Root Riot / Rapid Rooters for Hydro

    Hello all! I was wondering after seeds have popped in Rapid Rooters or Root riot cubes in a seedling tray. If you had the ability to accurately control their tent environment... What would be the ideal temperature and humidity to keep them at? My findings for seeds have been about 78 to 80f for...
  11. rshackleferd

    Grow Mediums Best/easiest way imo to keep temps down for dwc.

    I have done the ice bottles, tubing, and etc. and nothing compares or even comes close to the iceprobe and lowes five gallon cooler. It takes roughly 10 minutes to set up, remove the drain from the cooler expand the hole to fit the iceprobe through then connect a thermostat and your on auto...