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  1. The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

    The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

    From Impeccable quality comes as standard With literally thousands upon thousands of amazing strains from the best breeders in the world, ranging from famous cup-winners to potent, CBD-laden medical strains, High THC powerhouses, famous cheese seeds and...
  2. The Vault

    100 Free Seeds & 35% Off The ENTIRE Phoenix Seeds Catalog!

    Hey Buddies, Its been a long time, too long. Lets remedy that! The Vault Cannabis Seeds store are back to bring you some bangin' promos, competitions, giveaways and discounts starting with an insane 35% off all Phoenix Cannabis Seeds (while stock lasts - Offer ends 23 Nov so act fast and get...
  3. The Vault

    Kannabia Prize Give-Away At The Vault

    Hi folks, Gary Eff here at The Vault with another give-away. This time we have another amazing offer from our friends at Kannabia. You're in with a chance to win either a 5-pack of Kaboom Fems or 5-pack of Mikromachines Autos. To enter, simply head over to this blog post and let us know if...
  4. The Vault

    Ace News - UK Shipping Prices Slashed At The Vault + Win Seeds

    Hi All, Following customer feedback we have been working hard to lower the price of our UK shipping costs and we are happy to announce that we now have a new shipping partner in place meaning we can again offer this service at a reduced cost of £4.99 without compromising on the high level of...
  5. The Vault

    Gary Eff Cannabiz Marketer Re-Joins The Vault

    We are totally buzzing at The Vault to be able to announce the return of Gary Eff to the team! Read more at and of course in true Vault style there is a chance to win some seeds too!
  6. The Vault

    Win a Samsung Powered Lighting System from Invisible Sun LED

    If a lightbulb has just gone off in your head, then you’re probably interested in this spectacular promo! If the bulb has gone off on your existing lighting set up, then you’re definitely going to be interested in this promo. Ok, we kid, but you get the point! Read more, get a 10% discount, and...
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    Ministry of Cannabis Promo at The Vault

    Win FREE MOC Cannabis Seeds and get a 15% discount code off all MOC seeds at The Vault: 8 winners in total on The Vault blog
  8. The Vault

    Buy Monster Genetics Seeds get FREE Monster Genetic Seeds

    Buy any pack of feminised Monster Genetic Seeds and get a FREE Monster Gorilla Glue feminised seed! Visit the link to learn more about this offer, get a 15% discount code on Monster Genetics and enter a free draw to win 5 Monster Gorilla Glue seeds and a Vault T Shirt...
  9. The Vault

    Kannabia Seeds Promo at The Vault

    Kannabia Seeds freebies are back at The Vault, visit the link below to learn more, get a 15% discount code and enter a comp to win FREE Kanabia Seeds!
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    Buy Heavyweight Seeds get FREE Heavyweight Seeds

    Learn more about this deal, get your 15% discount code of all Heavyweight Seeds and enter a draw to win some free Heavyweight seeds and a Vault T Shirt at
  11. The Vault

    Heavyweight Seeds and Monster Genetics Giveaway now live at The Vault!

    Win a goodie bag with seeds and more from these 2 breeders and a Vault T Shirt. Enter now at
  12. The Vault

    Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card at The Vault

    Visit for more details.
  13. The Vault

    Buy Dr Krippling Seeds get FREE Dr Krippling Seeds

    Visit to learn more about this offer and get a 15% discount code on all Dr Krippling Seeds
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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Promo – Win FREE Cannabis Seeds

    The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is still open, with a full stock inventory, and shipping worldwide! We are still committed to bring you more competitions and promos than anyone else, so with 420 just behind us we bring you a new free cannabis seed promo from Emerald Triangle Seeds. Visit the...
  15. The Vault

    Female Seeds 420 Promo – Free Stroopwafels and more

    Check out this amazing 420 promo from Female Seeds in partnership with The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store at But, be quick, limited supplies! Happy 420! Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Blazed...
  16. The Vault

    The Vaults Big 420 Competition is live now - Win Free Cannabis Seeds

    The Vaults Big 420 Competition is live now - Win Free Cannabis Seeds. Lots of prizes including a massive star prize. Visit to learn more about the prizes and how to enter. Promo will close on the 4th of...
  17. The Vault

    Bonus Seedsman Seeds for 420 at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!

    Read about this Seedsman 420 promo, other Seedsman promos (live now) and get a 15% discount code of Seedsman Seeds. Visit
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    Bonus Sweet Seeds at The Vault (3+1 and 5+2)

    Here is a pretty Sweet deal for The Vault customers from Sweet Seeds. Buy any 3 pack from Sweet Seeds and get 1 free seed Buy any 5 pack from Sweet Seeds and get 2 free seeds Visit the link below to learn more about the free seeds deal and to get a 15% discount code of all Sweet Seeds...
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    Seedsman 420 Promo at The Vault – Free Gelat. OG

    Read about the 420 offer, Seedsman, the Gelat.OG and of course get a discount code for 15% off all Seedsman Seeds at To view details of all of The Vaults 420 Promos as they go live throughout April...
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    Garden of Green 420 Promo – Free Cannabis Seeds at The Vault

    Our 3rd 420 Promo is now launched. This one is from Garden of Green. Learn more about this promo and get a 15% discount code at Check out all of The Vaults 420 offers here -...