1. BustCase

    Running seeds 12/12 no veg

    Hi all! Bit of a dilemma.. I am curious if anyone has ever done a whole auto grow under 12/12 from day one? Wondering if it would be ok to just throw an auto or two in the flowering room to veg while some reg strains were finishing off. Then when the reg ones come out the autos will be mid...
  2. Hal 8999

    Future DWC Fully Organic Grow (Next)

    How is it going my fellow hippy growers? I am about to make the plunge into the world of organic DWC for the first time. I have Earth Juice Grow and Bloom, Earth Juice Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Fox Farm Liquid Bloom and Maxicrop Kelp Meal 1-0-2, and some Epsom salt. I ground the kelp meal into a...
  3. Hal 8999

    New Grower Theoretical growing ideas to share. A place for the wild ones.

    I would love to hear some grow ideas that you have had, but have not had the opportunity or guts to try.