1. B

    broken a branch in first grow

    After toping my first grow auto-flower a few days ago(she is 21 days old), I broke one of my top branches by mistake while LST, I tried to attach it back with a wire but It looked very dead to me. should I take it off now? Also, should I take the other one off too, or just let it be as the new...
  2. LordGreenWood

    Mephisto Genetics First timer with Mephisto :)

    Heya , trying some Mephisto seeds :d5: atm GWK :d5: in 10l smartpot with coco , vegged under cob , now under mars hydro pro 2 160 :pass: tent is 90*60*1.80 :pass: the lady is now 50 cm in height en width :bighug: day 37 , that was yesterday :pass::bighug::pass:
  3. S

    Live Stoners To top or not

    I have this bcn xxl critical auto flower at 29 days old. Its prediction is 8 to 10 weeks. I did the initial topping at 3.5 weeks. As bushy as this is, should I bother to top the available tops 20181125_230936 by Steve420 posted Nov 26, 2018 at 10:39 AM 20181125_230918 by Steve420 posted Nov...
  4. NaughtyGanja

    Pruning and Toping Autos

    Good Day everyone, I was trying to find a good tutorial on how to correctly prune and top an autoflower. I would appreciate if someone could introduce me a good tutorial. Cheers