1. Zootown68

    Transplant Fallout Help - Coco

    @Mañ'O'Green, I moved my 19 day old gals to three gallon pots on the morning of the 24th and they are not at all happy now. I took care to keep parameters same, to no avail. I've not changed anything since. Still Tupur Coco, General Hydro nutes, 18/6 schedule and input is 350ppm at 6.0 ph...
  2. P

    Grow Mediums Transplanting Clones Into FFOF

    I wanted to see if anybody here could share an experience they had when transplanting a clone into Fox Farms Ocean Forrest. I have not had very good results myself, but I also don't have too much experience on this particular practice. Here is a quick run down of an experiment that I am running...
  3. Newtoautogrow

    Live Stoners Snapped autoflower

    Sup people so I was doing lst on my autoflower it was 2 weeks old (prob early I know but they grew so fast)... So I have 4 20 lr pots and 1 solo cup and I only realised It snapped after watering... So I quickly took out the snapped one and replaced it with the solo cup one ( transplant)...
  4. Tyler_Durden88

    Stress free Transplanting

    I keep getting questions on how I transplant so here's a thread on how and when I do it. I know alot of ppl start in their final pots but there's a better chance of dampening off in a big pot and transplanting gives you faster growth and a overall healthier plant. • I start my babies in a...
  5. IraqJack

    Photoperiod Transplant question when using large pots i.e.; 10 and 20 gallon

    Question: When germing in a solo cup from seed and the finishing pot size is 10 gallon or 20 gallon, is it better to a.) transfer directly into the fishing pot, or b.) veg in a 3 or 5 gallon pot, then transfer into their finishing pot. Please school me. I have only been using 2-5 gallon pots in...
  6. IraqJack

    Live Stoners Transplanting Question

    This has probably already been explained somewhere in a thread here.... alas I could not find it. I usually use pots between 2-5 gallons in size. This grow I plan on using a 10 gallon and 20 gallon for a photoperiod grow that I have started. My question is when using larger pot sizes, should I...
  7. pop22

    New Grower Easy, Effective Transplanting, Auto or Photo!

    You can transplant autos. Maybe there is a strain or two that won't like it, but that's true of a ( very ) few photos too. I spent most of a year experimenting with this and I have since transplanted likely well over 100 plants. ONE of was damaged in transplant because I failed to water the pot...

    Outdoor Late Scandinavian Forest Grow (Soil, Coco) 33 Plants (7 Strains)

    Hi all! Been a lurker for about a year for this years summer grow, a lot of time has been enjoyed reading grow logs here so I'm very excited to start one of my own! Started off the summer with 5x of Hindu Kush from BSB and 5x of Pinepple Express from Barneys Farm, this was before I had started...
  9. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seeds in Rapid Rooters / Root Riot in 10x20 tray Transplant into 8 inch net pots with Growstones

    Hello everyone... new to AFN this is my first thread. Please let me know if Im doing something terribly wrong lol :) I had a quick question of transplanting some assorted autos and some Dutch passion think different seeds. In tents...I was thinking about starting some seeds in Root Riot or Rapid...