triangle dragons

  1. Mossy

    Indoor Terrestrial Bean Company

    Terrestrial Bean Co. Proud to Announce another Home Grown Independent Breeders is taking up the Battle Challenge...:amazon: update updaterer @archie gemmill Team @natertots germ :coffee:wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5-out:frowny: @midIN :shrug: @Alchemy germ wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk7 wk9 wk11 wk12 @E Grower...
  2. TheSpacePope

    Dragon Meds Dragon Porn Day 43- Grow Battle preview!

    Alrighty! Both the girls are now officially switched over to Flower and dropped the Lights on them. These Hands down are the Largest auto's i've grown so far pre-flowering stage! Most likely gonna pick the non LST plant for the Official Gladiator. But I will keep with the updates. I measured the...
  3. GoAuto6

    Indoor Dragon's The Next Generation

    With the dawn of the Bean Company and the new building comes a new thread for 2015's new creations.And the classics!