vegetative stage

  1. elcoloan

    How to determine plant age / stage ?

    Hello, I'm trying to clear something up and my search abilities are not working for it. I imagine this topic will depend on strain, if it's an auto or a photo, and other factors... but I was hoping there was a generalized notion of how I could determine the age of a plant. For example, does this...
  2. BII

    Lighting How Much Light is Optimal, How Much is Too Much, In late Veg. Phase

    Some questions: 1) How much LED light, such as watts draw per sq. ft., is too much and how much is optimal during late veg. growth, such as days 30 until switch to bloom nutes? 2) Is it OK or best to give as much light as possible, and back off if problems are seen, such as leaves...
  3. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seedling Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Root Riot / Rapid Rooters for Hydro

    Hello all! I was wondering after seeds have popped in Rapid Rooters or Root riot cubes in a seedling tray. If you had the ability to accurately control their tent environment... What would be the ideal temperature and humidity to keep them at? My findings for seeds have been about 78 to 80f for...