west coast og

  1. Grows

    Indoor WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Auto - FastBuds

    Some pics before I harvested my WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Autos. WestCoast I had 3/3 all purple + Strawberry's are caked with frost!
  2. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Indoor Jaqen H'Ghar does West Coast OG in Autopots - Fuelled by Biotabs

    Grow overview: This grow will be 2 West Coast OG Auto by Fastbuds. One will be mine & one will belong to Mrs H'Ghar. The light I am using is a custom built strip light in 3500k which dims from 160 watts to 330 although I am unlikely to raise the power above 240 watts at any point in the grow...
  3. nicecoolbud

    Indoor DIY Growbox, First Grow

    @Druid @Powerful14 @Dudeski OK. It's actually my 4th grow but the first in my DIY growbox. I have a larger grow space (still small - 4 autos max) in a partially insulated attic area. It's a great place to grow but will be unusable during the hot summer months. It gets really hot here and I...
  4. IraqJack

    Grow Mediums Deathmatch: Mephisto 3 Bears OG vs Fastbuds West Coast OG... and friends ;)

    So it's been awhile since I've really posted anything. I've really just been digging into my craft, mastering the basics, increasing my equipment, my nutrients, and my knowledge since I began my journey around this time last year. I'm proud to say I've had 6 harvests over that time, this year I...
  5. Colonel

    Fast Buds West Coast OG and Fastberry

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. After seeing you guys' Fast Buds grows I had to try them out for myself! This is my 2nd grow ever, going micro/stealth style in an old dresser that I converted, so, naturally, this is a CFL grow. I currently have 4 23 watt 6500k bulbs in and I will...
  6. Cannabreeder

    Indoor West Coast O G Auto

    Hey guys gonna be running two different grow simultaneously. This one will be my West Coast O G Auto. It just popped through the soil a couple days ago. I just planted the root riot plug into a 3 gallon smart pot with happy frog soil under 2 150 watt hps lights. In a couple days my orca and mike...
  7. C

    Fast Buds Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookie, West Coast OG and Six shooter grow journal

    Hi I have 3 FastBuds west coast og, 3 FastBuds Girl scout cookies and 3 FastBuds Six Shooters that were potted 1 week ago today. I am growing in a 1.2x2m black orchid tent with a 400w HPS lamp that i will replace with a 600w when they get bigger. The plants are in 15l air pots using biobizz...