1. Olderfart's green mischief

    Doing it in wormy soil and autopots - declared a fail

    Well peeps, I have decided to shut down the soil grow. The results so far were one runt Northern Lights, and three of the poorest seedlings that I have ever grown. Only one of the seedlings that were at day one a day or two ago seemed likely to even survive much less thrive. I am done with...
  2. Autoqueen25

    How many worms ?

    Hey guys, I have posted pictures of my raised fabric beds by grassroots fabric pots. They are 4 x 16ft and height I believe is 1.5 ft. How many worms should I buy for each bed ?
  3. Fuggzy

    Worm Bins, and creating biodiveristy through free range poo

    Hey guys. This is a project I am doing a journal on. It is already started, but I am including the start of it too. I edited a small bit of the info that did not regard to AFN, as not to create any conflict. I'm not a master at worm, actually rather a novice. If you feel that you could learn...